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  1. are you still there?

    Add a method to remove objects fabricated on vehicles...

    atm the only means of removing modules is to detonate a TNT on it... and it will remove the module and anything that is attached or fabricated on it.
  2. are you still there?

    A bug with textures and the use of objects

    This is a common bug at the moment, the devs are play-testing the hot-fix, it will be release sooner or later, hang in there :^]
  3. are you still there?

    Entering rover

    I may have gotten some of the keys mixed up, sorry about that
  4. are you still there?

    Entering rover

    Aye, glad I could help, bud. credits goes to Biffa, I wouldn't have known those if I didn't watch his vids, tho I did figured out about the seats thing myself
  5. are you still there?

    opjects are not useble

    It's a well known bug at this point, the devs are brewing a hot-fix for us, we just have to wait a little longer
  6. are you still there?

    Not Able to Join Host

    One of you needs to be already in a world/save then the other joins into their game. Then if on the side who want to join in say "Failed to join session" then the host needs to restart the game and load up their save again, then try to rejoin. If that still doesn't work, check your connections to see if there's any issue or restart Steam and as a last resort, restart your computer.
  7. are you still there?

    How do i use a terrain analyzer ?

    Make sure the augment is active on your terra-tool, then just simply go out to collect the soil with the color you want. Do note that there's a bug where the collected color display will turn black (like when you first made it) when you reload your save, but the color is still stored in there and CANNOT be overwritten, you can still check what color it stores by attaching the augment to your terra-tool then hold Alt and look at the color of the arrow, that's the color the augment stores. To paint the surfaces with your desired color, without altering the terrain, attach another mod - The Inhibitor Mod, then hold Alt + M1 on any surface you want to paint.
  8. are you still there?

    I can't print the Extra Large Platform

    No sweat, bud :^]
  9. are you still there?

    The controls always reset!

    glad i could helped
  10. are you still there?

    The controls always reset!

    right-click on GameUserSettings.ini -> Properties. Look at the bottom of the new windows that popped up, see if the small check box called "Read Only" is checked, if so, uncheck it, then go back in game and change your preferred settings.
  11. are you still there?

    Extreme large Platform/Storage

    Read patch notes next time, the bug is well aware and it's not their fault you don't read the patch notes
  12. are you still there?

    The balls

    The Marbles, according to The Wiki, are once used by the developers to test out the game's Physics and Lightings. And are accidentally left in when the game left pre-alpha. Now they're just good for decorations...
  13. are you still there?

    Entering rover

    Until the issue is addressed, try using Short-keys! - To quick activate or turn on/off machines and getting in vehicles/seats. Hold Alt and Left-click. Instead of holding down E - To quick open tablets of machines like the Research Station, Small/Med Fabricator and Vehicles Bay. Hold Ctrl + Left-click. Instead of holding down Q
  14. are you still there?

    The controls always reset!

    Assuming you're on PC Check your GameUserSettings.ini file which located in C:\Users\[YourUserNameHere]\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ and see if it's Read Only or not. quickest way to get to the Astro folder: Homebutton + R -> type %appdata% -> go back to the upper folder (from Roaming back to AppData) -> Open Local -> Look for the Astro folder.
  15. are you still there?

    I can't print the Extra Large Platform

    Either redeploy or make a new Fabricator and check if there's any obstructions at where you want to print your platform