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    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    There was an update of Astroneer on Steam today, but no word on what changed.
  2. GreenBeing

    Please, increase traction for the rover.

    I think it needs more torgue, not traction.
  3. GreenBeing

    Compass Marker for Hab

    Although a sensible idea, I do not think that an unlimited distance beacon would be good for game play. Taking precautions against getting lost is a much more interesting game mechanic to me.
  4. GreenBeing


    The idea has merit, IMO. I would think that your character would not drop a body and backpack, and that you would just lose the contents of your backpack. This would take care of any exploits that I can think of, or least ones that you could not accomplish by running yourself out of oxygen. EDIT: Just to add, that the mechanic should not save the game before respawning the character. In this way, you would also lose any unsaved progress. The reason being to help prevent exploiting the feature for evil.
  5. GreenBeing

    will you make drilling with medium buggy avaliable?

    While I agree that a mobile tunnel digger might be cool, I think it is silly to think that the one drill head would be effective doing it from a static mount.
  6. I agree that consumables should make use of the "Use" (E) key to toggle whether they are running or not, just like generators. Being able to decide when they are active would give the player the option to use the consumable before, during, or after your non-consumable supply expires. Having the default set to consume first, as it is currently, would be perfect once an "off" switch was added.
  7. GreenBeing

    Control scheme - what is the goal?

    +1 OP, every point that you made was a good one.
  8. GreenBeing

    [IDEA] Odometer

    The idea of an odometer was proposed by user Marck late in 2016. I wish to take the idea further: The Odometer would be a craftable widget that fits in a Tier-1 mount. It will only function, however, if mounted on a vehicle or backpack slot. In this way, the Odometer will record distance traveled through walking, driving, or aerospace flight. If the Odometer is mounted in an Astroneer's backpack who is also riding in a vehicle, the Odometer continues to record distance traveled, just as if it was mounted on the vehicle. The device is equipped with an internal power source, which is used solely for the device. The Odometer's display is always visible when hovering over it with a mouse, but while functioning, it will display above the vehicle or Astroneer's head to whom it is attached. The display shows distance traveled up to 6 decimal digits and one fractional digit (like an Earth-made automobile). This means that while traveling to other planets, the Odometer will "roll over" many, many times. The widget supports the "use" function ("E" key) , which would reset the distance to zero. The main purpose of the device would be for navigation, which explains why the display is always visible while in use. A secondary use is for entertainment and curiosity.
  9. Hi. I am new to the game, been loving it, and had a great experience I wanted to share. After learning many of the ins and outs of the game, I started a new fresh game I called the "UnTethered Challenge". I wanted to play without ever fabricating a tether line to increase the survival challenge. The game was all I had hoped, and I made extensive use of items that I barely or never used in regular play, such as filters and O2 tanks. Everything was going great until I built my first Rover. I packed up an O2 tank, a small solar panel, a small generator, and then headed out exploring for research. I visited a handful of wrecks before I realized that I was lost. Really lost. I wandered the Terran surface for over an hour, before a realization hit me. Looking to the sky, I suddenly found my answer. I had noted that there is a narrow band of bright stars in the sky, and that the sun and moon traverse this band. I must have been near one of the planet's poles when I looked up, because the band was running nearly parallel to the surface. Thinking back on my few fresh new game starts, the band had always been running perpendicular to the surface, so I suppose that starting bases are placed on the planet's meridian. Now I knew how to get home: just point my rover either north or south and drive until the band passed directly over head, and then change course to either east or west until I ran into my starting base. I am sure that this is not new to most of you, but it was a great time for a new player figuring it out!
  10. GreenBeing

    Mineral Extractor/Trade Platform Balancing Ideas

    I like your suggestions, jbarth09. The situation sort of reminds me of Minecraft, in that you can set up efficient large-scale farms for nearly any resource but diamonds, which can't even be traded for except by players among themselves. In this way, the resource stays special, and finding them is rewarding. Visiting other planets in Astroneer should be a mid or late game requirement, IMO.
  11. GreenBeing

    Reduce amount of rocks by 99%

    I have it! Have a mount in front of the rover where an inhibitor terraformer module goes.
  12. The always-on, 0.5 unit/second, power generator takes away some of the entertaining beginning challenges of the game, in my opinion. Changing the type of generator to even a small solar panel would help to bolster the survival challenge in the initial phase of the game. My personal taste in gaming would be to have no internal generator present in the base. Perhaps the best solution would be to have a selection of starting load-outs to fit the player's wish or aversion to survival challenges? Some of the more interesting times I have had in the game is when I started a new satellite base on the radiated planet, and I did not bring any power supply with me. Printing a small generator on my backpack and feeding it the sparse organic material I could find just to power my terrain tool was fun and interesting. I would like to see more challenges like that in the game.