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  1. Forgetaboutme

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    I 'm with the idea of fleshing out the compass by adding markings for bases to it. Personally I don't see an urgent need for a map though, nevertheless the compass is an right away feature which, I guess, could be expanded by this little function easily, heh.
  2. Forgetaboutme

    Possible '+1' button for ideas/suggestions?

    Just my personal observation. As soon as a developer decides to use discord (Discord is nice' n handy,no doubt) the forums start to devestate. Because it's easier for a dev to respond on discord.Just as for members ofc. I didn't mean that your forum is dying though. Lots of people still keep on posting here! But yeah, maybe you could keep on bothering the staff ,heh.
  3. Forgetaboutme

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    I absolutely agree here. Can't see a reason, why the cables shouldn't be bi-directional, it's actually a pretty neat feature.
  4. Forgetaboutme

    Possible '+1' button for ideas/suggestions?

    +1 Discord is killing most forums,imho.
  5. Forgetaboutme

    Bitte auch eine Deutsche Forum Seite.

    @LordSnoopY Wenn es dir darum geht mit anderen deutschsprachigen Spielern zu chatten, würde ich dir Discord empfehlen.( Die haben da einen deutschen Kanal und das sind nette Leute! Aber ein deutsches Forum wird es wohl nicht geben, ausgehend von dem Erstellungsdatum diese Themas.
  6. Forgetaboutme


    What's about an unstuck chat command? Would this even be possible? I just realize that this would be difficult for xboxlers... oops
  7. Forgetaboutme

    Astroneer Is Completely Broken ='[

    Same here. After trying to start the game an error message pops up saying that the application can't be started. Microsoft Store is displaying a notification that the game was causing issues and has to be repaired/reinstalled for solving those. Neither repairing/reinstalling nor deleting the application and doing a clean install was working for me unfortunately. But the game is working just fine via steam, on the same pc.
  8. Forgetaboutme

    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    Hey there. I just bought the game via steam, eventhough I already have it for xbone/ Win10, but due to reasons the game is not working anymore on win10 and since I love to play your game with mouse and keyboard I had to buy it,no matter what! I couldn't care less about the 16 bucks though! Keep on rocking SES See you around.