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  1. No, the Problem is not only the Tutorial, the Controls are confusing and not consistent. Some UI's open this way, some with an another way. Some Devices have multiple windows, that are bind on different Keys... I'm always stuggeling to find that UI i want... Thats the big Problem, and its still unsolved. Even here in the Forum, so many Peaple respond with the same problem, but nobody seems to care. If it was possible, i would get my Money back. Because this Game is completly different since i bought it, and it keeps developing in a way i dont like... But that the risk of Early Access Games.
  2. This Tutorial is only on the Console Version of Minecraft. The PC (Java) Version has realy not a single Line of Tutorial. You need to give the Player a way to find into the Game and how it works. The easy way is a Tutorial, but it teakes away this Survival feeling. It could be cool if a Game comes without an Tutorial at all, but it realy needs self explaning Basic Game Mechanics. So the Player is able to obtain Basic Equipment relative easy to learn how the Game works, and to reach the next Step you have to find out what to do with what you learned until now. It is dificult to find a good Balance for this Early Game, but its the Most important Part. Astroneer at this Point today is to confusing right now, thats the main Problem. If everything would be a little bit more Self explaning, like i was before all these Changes, the Problem is solved.
  3. The Problem with Astroneer is not the missing Tutorial. I personaly like Games where you have to find out everything by yourself. But it is absolut Important that such Games have intuitive Controls and Interfaces, like Minecraft to stay by your example. And thats the Problem with Astroneer. The Controls are incosistent and the Interfaces are confusing. And its not a Solution to say "Go and look for a Wiki or a Forum". In That case, you could build a all explaning Tutorial. Because where is the Exploration and Research feeling if you have to read everything in a Wiki and know every bit of the Device you just build, and posibly spoilered for other Devices that you dont know until this point in Game. This is a game breaker. I dont know the back Story of Astroneer why you are out there on your own and have to build a Baseon your own. I immagined that i was send to a distand Solar System and have to build an funktioning Outpost and do Research this new System. In this Case, an Astoneer WOULD have some kind of Training or Guide for all the Machines and Devices that he have to work with. Even if an you where stranded on this Planet, an Astroneer would know his own Equipment he came with.
  4. Its good to see that i am not alone with this problems. I hope the Devs will see this Tread and are going to rework the Controls
  5. Hi, first thing to say, i dont want to flame or something, i want to give a serious Feedback to the Devs. Last Time i Played Astroneer is a couple of Months ago and i realy liked it back then. Today i wanted to play it again a little and i endet completly confused and frustrated... Is there some kind of ingame Tutorial that i miss? I am complete unable to build a Base for multiple reasons. At first, the Controls. Its annoying that some things open up with "Q" and other with "E", some things only by pressing the Key and other with holding the key. I having a hard Time to open up the Interface i want without opening 2 other that i dont want. You made a totaly simple Gameplay totaly cofusing with an unconsistant ussage of Keys. Second things are the new Interfaces itself and the way Modules working now. I dont get it how i use new Blueprints. I unlocked the Canister, but i cant build one anywhere. What does the Smelter do, how i get it to work? I have many more Questions, but im shure that these will answer them selfes after i understand how the Blueprints work. Again, the old System was completly simple and easy to understand, why do you made it so confusing?