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  1. Same thing happens to me and happens on other planets as well (Tundra for certain) Jumping is the only way to move forward. Need to buy new space bar from overuse.... "Edit" is just below your text box to the right of the + and 'quote' options Steam / Keyboard and mouse / Windows 10 Pro / i7-7700k @5.1ghz / ASUS Strix GTX 1080 / 16GB RAM 2666mhz
  2. Yes but with power cells they actually drain slowly while the shredder is in use. You can still fit another small item in there. Shred enough small items and the power cells will be consumed thus fixing the shredder. make a bunch of small generators or canisters and shred them to fix your shredder.
  3. I have recreated this several times. Basically if you shred an oxygen tank in a large or medium shredder while the tank is full then the shredder will not complete its task and no longer can be used. The oxygen tank becomes stuck in the top of it and blocks new items. If you destroy the shredder with dynamite then the full tank is intact and usable. This problem does not arise when shredding empty oxygen tanks. Must be because oxygen can't be shredded. Windows 10 Pro; Intel i7 7700k OC to 5.1ghz; GTX 1080; 16GB DDR4 RAM
  4. Same thing happening to me. Mine was triggered when I was trying to get back into base during a storm and died while entering. My dead body causes me to clip into the bottom of the base and prevents me from reaching to door to exit. When I 'use' on the base to enter it, the camera views are clipped within the base and when I exit my player is clipped through the floor and can't move. The camera is within the body of my player while trying to move.