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  1. Michael Kline

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I guess I'll try resetting the Xbox without deleting games and I will try building in 6.5... sigh. As I explained, it's a low priority for the designers. Yes it's annoying, and yes it's affecting almost everyone, but it's not breaking the game.
  2. Michael Kline

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    This is a fairly common problem. Low severity regardless of widespread, and as such is lower on the to do list... so to answer you question, no. Edit: or at least, probably not. Soon is relative.
  3. Michael Kline

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I've never tried putting a seat on the storage, guess I'm too much of an engineer to try it... But I have seen that it was causing issues and won't do it now. To you other question, yes, I am using the cursor to click on the red launch button, the same that I always have.
  4. Michael Kline

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Another update... upgraded to version 6.5, and neither save is able to take off. I know, old save files, but I was really hoping I could use those saves, since one is a multiplayer base. So... someday... when I have time... I guess I'll start another save and see how fast I can get to shuttles... and see if anything has changed. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? For me, the main engines turn white and greyed out on the one large shuttle, the smaller one gets no changes but still won't fly... Edit: LOVE the new giant rovers. Hoping it solves some headaches with rocks!
  5. Michael Kline

    Infinite Power

    The infinite power bug for power cells has been found and should be fixed in the latest update.
  6. Michael Kline

    Bug in Power Cells

    This has been determined to be a bug that should be solved in the newest update.
  7. Michael Kline

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Update on my post, up two. Spent hours last night getting lost (my fault, but I wish there was a map or a better compass pointing home) and building a new base. Made a new shuttle, it won't take off either. Hoping the new update fixes this.
  8. Michael Kline - Steam - Power Cells never empty

    This is the same on the Xbox 1. I'm hoping it's working as intended, though it does seem a little OP.
  9. Michael Kline

    Saber," Introduction of a motorcycle

    I like the slow rovers, I think it keeps the feel of a space exploration game. And the medium rover with two of the new power cells? Doesn't even hit the rover battery when driving around. Pretty speedy too, if it doesn't have anything attached. To be honest, the drawings are pretty good, but they don't match the styling of the game graphics.
  10. Michael Kline


    "I need to be nicer per request" Rants. Looks like your working reaaaally hard on being nicer... To OP: forced respawn is a feature that is just going to get more games in trouble than it saves. Sorry you had to start a new game, but this IS still in beta, and you see at least two notifications of buggyness while loading into your game.
  11. Michael Kline

    Reduce amount of rocks by 99%

    I think your the only one that hates rovers... nor being able to carry things puts a real hinderance on your game. One research at a time, carrying it all the way home? Yeah nah. I'm all about that four car train loaded with supplies and research coming home lol. On the other hand... I agree that rocks are out of control. I spend more time flipping my vehicle back over some nights than i do driving. Need a cow catcher or make rocks despawn when hit.
  12. Michael Kline

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I feel like this might get ignored on this thread buuuuut... I can not take off in my large shuttle. Any shuttle, actually, as I made another one and it won't fly either. This started with my first shuttle I thought it might have been the open cockpit, but eventually it flew and I landed. But then I couldn't take off again.... eventually made a half base, enough to make a medium rover and get home. Built a new shuttle, still can't fly. Is there something I'm suddenly missing? The first shuttle worked all night last night with the open cockpit, I was doing touch and go's looking for easy research for hours. Got on today and no flying. Are the engines supposed to grey out and look like ghost engines when "fly" button is selected? Related: got out of my new shuttle and it started flying... and flipping... up and over the wall that goes around my base... went to go find it, still no flying. Xbox 1, latest update (6.2?)