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    Idea Local Multiplayer

    +1 Smart
  2. Still, I was able to play with it in Early Access. The only problem is that Once I go to Exotic, the Elements increase so much that game freezes, which is weird seeing never had any problems with Terran and Barren. I can double confirm this issue seeing that Arid had a bit of lag whenever the Spiky Balls were near (in arid the balls froze... not my game). Which in turns means that after a point the game has so many elements in it that something or the other causes lag. Can't check further planets as..... stuck! The Usuals that you have in every game these days. In Astroneer it's all simplified and an "ADVANCED" option would contain the following parameters: Resolution (Already in-game but just putting it out there) Anti-Aliasing (FXAA definitely needs to be there!) Shadow Quality Texture Quality Anisotropic Filtering Tessellation (would reduce Polygon Quality) Particle Effects (can reduce the quality of sand-storm) Ambient Occlusion (i am not sure if Astroneer utilizes this) View Distance and Field of View (might not be able to implement this seeing that "limiting this parameter" resolved most of the terrain and rover bugs earlier this year) Refresh Rate and VSync (not a must but can have it) Feel free to add or Append points. I really think that these settings would enable me to game painlessly on my Laptop in the Future.
  3. I Play Astroneer on my laptop and it's within the system specs limit as described on Steam. For some reason, my game is still very framey/laggy, but playable (i am using the dedicated AMD graphics instead of onboard Intel stuff). Specifically, On Exotic, the game lags so much that it's unplayable and i'm practically stuck there forever. What I feel (very very strongly), is that you need to give us an IMPROVED & DETAILED GRAPHICS SETTINGS option in the Game Settings menu such that we are able to tune each and every aspect of the Graphics Settings (just like every other game out there). This would be very much appreciated and I'm damn sure there are countless players who could benefit from this. P.S.: Without this feature, I would be finally regretting my purchase of astroneer ???
  4. TekRa

    Always mouse look option

    +1 to this. Amen.
  5. TekRa

    Finding home base

    Cartography is in the Dev Roadmap post 1.0 launch. Stay Tuned
  6. TekRa

    "Dump truck" salvage mod for Large Rover

    +1 for this. At the end we do need a Mass Storage like alternative (hate to say it but something in terms of the Large storage Unit present in No Man's Sky)
  7. TekRa

    Designated landing spot

    +1 to both of them. Much needed!
  8. TekRa

    Minimap Ideas

    Could not find a Single good Thread for this Idea, so creating one. Everyone Can Just Pile up Ideas related to Minimap Here. How could a Minimap be Helpful? It could show the "Area chartered till now" (i.e. you know how much you have discovered and Accordingly Expand Exploration) Beacons are good (but only for mid-range areas). Seeing the Expanse within the game (i.e. the sheer amount of area to go through), it should be a core element. It Could Send "Radar Pulses" to Detect Resources and Research Materials around you. Would be very helpful in the Cave Systems. Also, as an example, we already have "Hematite" Ore in the Game so it would be pretty cool to implement Magnetic Use case Scenarios. Will Update the Post as I move along ?
  9. +100 This could be one of the best ideas so far. Seeing Mining is Life here, this would be a Lifesaver! Also, this could go well, if they introduce a minimap of sorts, which would show the "Area chartered till now" (i.e. you know how much you have discovered and Accordingly Expand Exploration) would Send "Pulses" to Detect Resources and Research Materials.
  10. TekRa

    New Attachments for the Crane

    A magnet would be awesome seeing we already have the "Hematite" Ore.
  11. TekRa

    Bring Back the Rover Train!

    Thanks for the Support. I understand they (devs) will do what they want at the end. Agree about the Issue with the Rovers too (i had it too). Many Thanks again for Understanding. Cheers
  12. TekRa

    Bring Back the Rover Train!

    I feel you. While going into caves and also above ground, I just gather a lot of organics into a "Medium Storage Unit", and 1 small generator. Does the Job pretty well!
  13. I still believe they can do with providing the Mushrooms which generate power spots around them. Else Mushroom has ZERO purpose in the game.
  14. TekRa

    Bring Back the Rover Train!

    I know. During the 1st few time I played the game, I was pretty happy with my 8-module Train. At that point, I actually Stopped Making Platforms Altogether, i.e. I Just left Rover Trains at Sites and they became my Base.