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    Walker - The heavy duty vechicle

    Was just thinking this same idea. A Walker would be perfect for the more rugged terrain were vehicles can't go. I agree that it should be slower, but should feel more evasive against the environment (no mountain will stop me!) I would continue will a small and large version, with the larger version being even slightly slower. Storage space on it would be a must, as it wouldn't be able to pull anything up inclines very well (unless you think it could). I feel this would be a great alternate to the wheeled vehicles and would allow more personalized exploration of the planet. The ideas above are great. Thank you for continuing to progress on this great game.
  2. Ben Shep

    Reduce amount of rocks by 99%

    Or, they could add a "road marker" that allows you to stop spawning of things in the road. It would be like 2 lines that lay down that stop rocks, plant, etc. from spawning.
  3. Hello, First, I am a huge fan of these sandbox type games. I LOVE to explore, mine, farm, and build. I didn't know much about this game, but a friend showed me and now I'm simply addicted. It really is a great game base, with a very relaxing environment. Second, I want to touch on the base building. Now, while I have not touched the later game content (so this may exist), I find it somewhat disappointing that I cannot build my own station (walls, floors, et.). I feel this could be vastly improved upon so that players feel a sense of customizability, unique to their play through, and safety. Players could store supplies inside (I like to have storage for EACH resource), have beds, and more. I really can't state that I have any hard ideas on this subject as I don't know anything about the system used to run it, or what you guys use to make you models for the structures, but I feel that this sense of customizability will greatly increase the player base, as people like to be unique. Its all just thoughts on my part. I'm not sure if you guys are going to implement any survival requirements, but please don't. The world needs less harsh survival online pvp games. I moss my single player and co-op, and this is perfect so far in indulging that need. Thanks Devs!