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  1. I believe the trade post has been disabled from the research tree ive been trying to get it to cash some of the titanium in ive been researching and its never shown up yet. Trade post is a mega exploit because you can load a titanium on it hit button to launch then remove the titanium and you still get your ordered resources.
  2. It don't make much sense to me turning electric in to liquid lol I see where people come from saying you cannot find fuel on planets etc not had this happen to me yet but sure it will at some point.
  3. Psy

    Do items despawn?

    Either could be possible I suppose ?
  4. Lol bet that looks so funny tethering from 1 planet to another would look wierd but funny. I figured I would report it anyways even tho it didn't break nothing soon as I landed I clicked the tether on lower part of ship and it took tether back in then re clicked to build Base landing zone lol.
  5. Psy

    A slight addition

    If your home base icon would show on the compass that would be great, easier to find your way home.
  6. Psy

    Devs Come Read This Please Look here under Survival and Exploration
  7. I think the fuel condenser is a good idea but I think when you go mine hydrazine it should be given in a crystal form and you take it to the condenser which then liquidizes the crystal in to fuel, this way it would stop me turning energy on a daily basis in to tanks of fuel and then loading it on to my trade port ship and getting other materials I need so easy haha It does ruin game because you don't need to explore no more, you just start cheating fuel tanks from sunlight I don't understand why crystal hydrazine turns in to liquid anyways doesn't make sense to me least not when I personally mine it should remain crystal form and the condenser does the liquid change over would give it more purpose!
  8. Psy

    Do items despawn?

    Item clusters do despawn to my knowledge I mined a ton of resources in a cave when I went to drop the items off at base soon as I went back to where I mined the ore all the clusters of ore were gone, maybe if you go out of range and the game despawns the world behind you it removes the dropped items and obviously doesn't put them back when you return?
  9. Psy

    Partial resource stuck in inventroy.

    Yea I have a partly build cluster on my storage rack on my truck from the crane and cannot remove it sadly the crane wont ever complete the cluster so its kind of permanently stuck there but its alpha what ya expect
  10. Yea I noticed you can place all research items on to the geothermic vents but cannot remove them If you look on the wikia for astroneer you will notice Geothermic module to be researched
  11. Psy

    Disassemble a module?

    Yes I hope this becomes available soon I kinda messed mu base up but building a module almost ontop of another module and it looks silly now lol
  12. Psy

    Stuck at a planet

    I've found Hydrazine on all planets I've visited so far, if you cannot locate none on surface try inside caves? Or try building a trade port at the base your in and trade for some instead
  13. Psy

    Change Spawns?

    Just click the tether port on buttom of your shuttle or spaceship and you can build a base from the bit that comes out as long as you have resin, that will then make it the landing spot for future trips back and forth to the new planet base.
  14. Psy

    Mining Drill, am i doing it wrong?

    hmm crane drill follows your cursor so if u keep your cursor over the resource you wanna mine and don't move the drill should extend together the resource and remain in the position of the mouse, works fine for me but try not to mine multiple mixed resources together I found the crane drill spits out tons of uncompleted clusters if you do this