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    Work Light on Drill Head

    Indeed, this is badly needed! It is already too similar to the terrain tool, it needs to have different, better abilities!
  2. Just started playing this weekend, the frequency and length of storms is super-disruptive to work at the base or elsewhere top-side. Please make a force-field dome a researchable option to at least have a safe place to do work during a storm. Having to shelter and wait it out is just dull, it does not make the game more fun, it makes it less fun.
  3. rollover

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Was filling a hole and accidentally covered up my rover which had fallen in, it disappeared. I have re-excavated the entire area, no rover The rag-doll physics of the rovers need a bit a work, it is way too easy to flip them and have to select them as many as 10 times to land them wheels down, they just keep flipping over the same way, top-down.