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  1. Hi again folks, here is one more brainstorm on: Planet climate: It would be fun to see different climate conditions depending on the distance between the planets and th sun, just like in our own solar system. A hot desert-like planet closer to the sun, with dangerous storms full of radiation... a cold planet on the far part of the system, with large ice mountains and frozen lakes... and in the middle some green planets full of life... also (just like today) minerals should be distributed among these planets and depending on your needs, you would have to travel to these different locations. Asteroids/meteors: Just wondering if would be good to have like a huge planet with a ring of asteroids around it, where you could land and mine. Or just some asteroids here and there available for landing and mining. Would be challenging to try to manually land on a fast moving object orbting the solar system... and I also thought about having meteors falling on a planet or on the moon, bringing rare minerals with them. Of course been a rare event. New solar system: In a certain point of the game, we would already have explored all the planets available... as far as I know, this isn't a precedural generated game like No man's sky, and have limited places to go. thinking about that, it would be a great objective to look for a way to travel to another solar system or even a new galaxy, by building a especial type of spaceship or by looking for a wormhole... anyways, I'm just brainstorming here and sharing some Ideas, maybe that would help you come up with some awesome ideas too. Peace!
  2. Hi friends, My main suggestions here are simple: There should be a female character for women playing this game, may not be a hard thing to do and makes a huge difference. We should encounter creatures/mobs/aliens or something like that to make the gameplay more dinamic and challenging. Gathering resources and flying planet to planet only might get boring in a certain point of the game. Something that get close to PVP I think. We also need objectives, the game is so f*ckin funny and nice to play, but it will get boring if we don't have a bigger objective or something that we need to work really hard to accomplish. These stuff should also be available to share with all the community. Last but not least, we need online servers and 8 player factions! The fact that my friends need to wait until I'm online to continue the latest savegame is terrible. Also I got like 10 ppl willing to play, but only 4 can share a savegame, that's not good. Thanks for reading this!