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  1. Lucalian

    Walker - The heavy duty vechicle

    I love this idea,! Honestly I was going to suggest something like this, Well actually I wana suggest a mobile base but... I love the idea of something a little more grounded to earth/whatever planet your on.... Its a nice Idea and more detailed than what others have posted.... Although a lot of people may have thought about this idea, I like this one the most.... I mean what I drew up was completely different than yours, but again mine was ment more like a mobile base.... I decided not to post mine because it didn't fit right.... Killer art BTW.... I'm not bad my self, but when ever I show my work, I usually end up showing people my sketches not my finished work..... Lol The walker fits the game art more than my motorcycle... Even tho motorcycles are honestly way to hard to fit with the art style, I think I can come up with something a little more,'
  2. Lucalian


    That's not bad, and would be a good way to reset the glitch or what every happened, but as I said that is the only reason to have a reset button... To fix the game when it crashes..... However, its also why you really don't need it, because unless glitches exist in the end game, you won't need a reset button, Reset buttons are an excuse to skip over minor fixes/patches that could be fixed.... That's applied to all games.....
  3. Lucalian


    Lol, true, but they could add a chat menu to xbox
  4. Lucalian

    Saber," Introduction of a motorcycle

    Thank you, although, to be honest I couldn't show that it was a double slot, it felt a little hard to draw, and I do agree about simplifying it would fit a little better but the reason it looks like it does is because I added too much to the drawing while half asleep... Like the extra front bumpers,....I also stared at like 30 bikes so I had a okay idea.... And yeah, I was thinking that this was more along the lines of used more for cave diving, not to ruin the space feel of the game, but I'd think that even real astronauts wouldn't explore a cave on another planet without a quick way out that's safe and sturdy.... And Idk about sticky wheels but this was thought as a vehicle for the planet Arid, if we ever get the ability to stop the spawning of plants and rocks.....
  5. Lucalian

    Saber," Introduction of a motorcycle

    Well yeah, I guess... I did say It was theirs to change? I get what your saying but is was just a suggested idea because I always die not because I didn't think it through but because I misjudged the amount of oxygen I had left and got lost, or couldn't make it by an inch.... But I only suggested something like a quick transportation faster than the medium rover that could be carried by the larger rover and bigger.... I mean would a docter rather use a combat knife or a scalpel??? Also the drawings were as close as I could get to the image of astroneer with such a small vehicle
  6. Lucalian


    E sorry that was more of a joke.... The rant that is, Guess its better to just shorten it to, You mean reset button? I was trying to be less rude BTW... •~• I even made a joke about the violence free... Its just bad humor I guess, or your all just soft, I mean lord Should I just try not to be funny?
  7. Lucalian


    I'm to be less rude as per request.... However why do you even remotely think a suicide mechanic could fix your frickin game??? If anything it will cause more problems than it would fix.... And the game its self can get idk flagd for mature content such as suicide.... Although what you ment was that you wanted a reset button or a forced respawn button, but again it will cause more glitches not solve them.... And if the game runs smoothly what point is there for a reset button? Although I agree that right now it sounds useful to the game, I promise that it isn't.... And will never ever have a place in any game aside from horror games... I mean really? I'd like to know why you thought saying suicide mechanic, the title should tell you why this is all wrong... Your requesting a Forced Respawn Button, (This is a violence free zone) (Aside from those annoying grey mushrooms with red spots)
  8. Lucalian

    An Idea about the glitches

    I wasn't sure if this was to go into complaints, or suggestions,lol
  9. Now I never took coding, so I don't know for sure, but I find that The game gets more prone to glitches the more you explore and load in game.... And I'm sure you guys have already noticed or something, but I wanted to suggest that you make a program to run/process memory/data.... And I know you might be thinking well if it was that easy we would have done it.... Im trying to insist on something a little more like a quick fix or a boost not an upgrade.... Upgrading sounds hard... But I think that if you could make a program or something that helps the reading of memory old/new, that it may help with all the current glitches a little more and any future..... Again I don't know any coding and Ive never read into any computer files, so this is only a suggestion... Its just that the more I do on my save, the worse it gets..... I even had floating body's and resources appear.....
  10. Lucalian

    Another Dear devs of astroneer

    Yes, sorry, I just don't like others who act like their mannerisms are any better than mine, And sorry for being rude, Its not like I enjoy making people feel bad, its just I was raised to tell the truth no matter how it made others feel, and that lead to my current self... •-• I will try to be less rude..... I can't force others to take my words a certain way....., And I like to state that these are only my opinions as to say that I'm not trying to force others to see the same way as me.... Also people need to take astronomy, -.-
  11. Lucalian


    Heh, easy solution is make a trail of beacons Use tethers and just walk everywhere until you make enough trails you don't get lost And finally try making markers(beacons with different colors) for north south west and east, so you can find your way... BTW north south west and east arnt very hard to make into things, although this option is hard to use and takes more time
  12. Lucalian

    Using Bytes with the Trade Platform

    Fool, I live to be better than kids who play with others... I also have like hours on my hands.... So I spend that time playing how I like to play, By myself... In a secluded room My point is, its still a problem no matter single or multiplayer, and what your implying is that solo players don't face this problem (as much), however,.... I have nothing to do and Ive explored and made a base on all the planets, its why I want different/more planets to begin with.... Because I even found this weird box thing that seems to look like the research thing on your back but I don't know what it does and aggghhhh
  13. Lucalian

    Using Bytes with the Trade Platform

    See, there you go, ideas, but um..... I think.... If you know that each planet has a higher amount of a specific resource,... Then you know, why not just go to that planet....? This is why I suggested bigger planets, because I figures that the main reason or back story of the game was more or less.....your in said solar system to explore, research, and survive, how ever they said it had a little more to do with, your ment to collect recourses but I do feel they stay away from currency because it removes any fun exploration from the game.... Once you add currency it becomes a farming sim about getting that currency That's why it more reasonable to use a trade system not a currency system... Of course this comes from a solo player..... I have always been a solo player, •~•
  14. Lucalian

    Using Bytes with the Trade Platform

    Oh no I agree on that ... I fully agree.... I just hate the idea of it being called currency to begin with....
  15. Lucalian

    Using Bytes with the Trade Platform

    •~• wow your creativity is lacking Think, what could you use bytes for? Other than currency??? Actually I have a few ideas..... Like maybe instead of it being used as just research they could add some game mechanism that requires you to use bytes in order to fuel it or something? (This was just an example)