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  1. Windows has the same issues on any planet but terra, horrid lag when trying to use the terraforming tool especially in flatten mode. For the moment I stop playing when I reach a point where I want to fly off terra and explore other planets. I tend to run my game out as mush as possible with out leaving terra. Will come back at live launch and see if its any better. This next update ill fast trach planet travel and see if it will be worth spending further time on the game.
  2. the road map is broken in to quarters, there is 4 of them in a year not 12, patients is golden
  3. Lets fix the existing rovers before we add another vehicle please, Keep up the good work and thanks for putting up with us, its been a very interesting experience starting to play this game from almost the start of early release
  4. I don't see any of the new platforms at all in research of fabricator. I have reprinted a fabricator, new save new game.
  5. This is a game in development, There are going to be bugs, every where you look it clearly states this, it is recommended EVERY time that save games may not operate correctly when major changes and updates are published. Learn about the product you are supporting and testing prior to posting inflammatory remarks. I personally am pleased with the development of this game and its staff. most of the bugs have been interesting and entertaining and I totally expect them and understand them, ya know just like any person that took the time to read what they where getting and what the inte
  6. Game Crashes when attempting to start. I see the tittle screen but the client crashes prior to the Dev. message and clicking the left mouse button the first time on start. This is a recent crash that I have not experienced before. I have been playing the game since it became available from the MS store. It will run one time if I uninstall the game and reinstall it from the MS app store. Thank you for saving data in the cloud! I have had no system software or hardware changes prior to this problem. this problem started one week ago. There is no message of crash or failure on