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  1. Darth Hobbes


    Just loaded up a save and upon leaving my shelter, I spawned underground and rose back up... (maybe future water physics accidentally put in) the bug stopped after I left the initial black zone spawned by the shelter...
  2. Darth Hobbes

    Tutorial Bug

    When you have your backpack open during a tutorial cut this happens: Easy fix: close and open your backpack again... not even sure if this bug is worth fixing...
  3. Darth Hobbes

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    use Ctrl+ L Click
  4. Darth Hobbes

    large storage bug

    Oh... I forgot you have to print directly onto the truck....
  5. Darth Hobbes

    large storage bug

    What are you trying to attach? it only works for medium items, like research and medium storage.
  6. On Barren, A flipped rover with A crane and drill head won't flip back over. I have found a temporary solution as shown in the video. I play on steam. 2018-03-10 12-56-26.mp4
  7. I wan on the barren Moon riding a medium rover and the Exotic planet kind of went through the ground and into the sky split into pieces. I play on steam.