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  1. @isotonic the win10 store Version i have no console and there is no update or somthing else.
  2. ok global whats the global time for the rollout. are you kidding me
  3. i hit teh refresh button but nada. what the hack going on there
  4. where is the update my win10 store is empty no astroneer. iam live in Germany here is 19:04 on the 6th and Nothing ? can some one tell me when the roll out starts in european time?
  5. Hello i have buy the win10 Version over the winstore. It is possibly to activate it on steam whiteout to buy it on Steam?
  6. Hello iam a newbie i Play since the 28.02.18 and i have only one savegame since there and now when i move into a Rover or base the game wont save i have the message game save but when i go back to the main menü there is only a savegame that is over 1 hours old now it is a luckygamble to save it?