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  1. JBall

    Space station

    Maybe planet mapping or weather warning.
  2. JBall

    Dead is dead game mode

    At least make it reset your research so you have more to lose. It’s a less hardcore version of what you are wanting. People could still have a casual gaming session but feel the tension of being lost in a cave. We all have been there. Lol
  3. JBall

    Oxygen update

    You and I think in a similar light.
  4. JBall

    Suit Mods

    So I thought up an idea that expands this topic. Hopefully some day they add in the geo thermic power system. Well why not make natural heating vents in caves give off heat. So if you are in a certain radius of one you could take heat damage unless you have a suit cooling unit. Thoughts?
  5. JBall

    Vehicle Ideas I guess

    https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B8Yf0lwrL9OZLXkwSXcyZXZ2dlU go down to files, your idea reminds me of the eco suit slightly.
  6. JBall

    Agriculture System

    Great idea. I just wrote a suggestion for farming as well and with your idea to be the starting of farming and then using greenhouses to grow the plants you gain would make a good combo. Thoughts?
  7. JBall

    Suit Mods

    Soon I know weather is going to be a thing and I was wondering one day some planets could have extreme temperatures. So, our suits could have an add on in order to regulate suit temperature by using the suit battery as a resource. This add on being heating coils and liquid cooling could be placed on the left shoulder as a visual of which add on you are using.
  8. So, I was thinking that the oxygen and agriculture could be altered by a new set of parts. Oxygen- Right now is almost infinite for the habitats. I suggest making the habitat capable of holding up to 10 hours of oxygen and rovers like 6 hours. As your astronomer consumes oxygen you pull from the habitat/ rover reserves. Then use green houses and organics as the resource for compost to grow algae with small greenhouses and actual plants in large green houses. Small greenhouses could make it so you need two to support 1astroneer and 1 large greenhouse to support 3 astroneers. Agriculture- So, this feature could play well with the oxygen system with the greenhouses. Similar resource management but have 1 more module to package the plants into food. The habitat could hold 10 hours of food as well. Food bar on the suit could be a half circle of green lines on the back of the helmet. Rtg- Lastly, the rtg on the original habitat seems to be infinite and I more rtg can last years. But what if we have a limited amount of hours with the first rtg then use astromium to refuel it. Plus, use the medium printer to create an rtg out of titanium and astromium. Each rtg could give about 20 hours of power. Even if you can’t find astromium by then you would have a power collection system by the first 3 hours easy. Backpack Power- why not have the backpack grab power from rovers and actually drain the rover battery? These are just a few ideas I’ve had that shouldn’t break the game. Also give us new parts to research while adding a small amount of real while keeping the Essence of astroneer. Thabk you for this wonderful game, JBall