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  1. Sometimes you just reach a point where you have a humungous base with lots of stuff. Fps usually goes down from the initial 80-100 down to 50-60, that's fine, I get that. Then when you explore huge parts of the planet (for example when you got lost on the planet for 3 hours like the idiot I am) the performance drops down to like 30-ish fps (from initial 80-100) which I don't quiet understand. Do things very far away still render to influence performance? And to get to my earlier point of bases causing less fps - both that and the exploration part of fps drops carry over to other planets (causing in some laggy messes when you do similar things on that planet). Is there maybe a way to fix that by leting the game use more ram for example? Games like rust thst have huge worlds and many little things on the map rely on ram (7 gb depending on pc and settings) where as astroneer only uses up to 2,4 gb. To get to the point: Performance issues caused by things done on other planets carry over to the next planet and I think they shouls work seperately to ensure a new experience on a new planet. I hope you understand the issue I have with this. I'm always open forquestions if needed
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    Sound resets to 0.

    This happened on Windows 7 using Steam. Once I've changed the sounds of my game from 100 to like 30-50 (I'm setting it to 35 on each category now I can't remember the exact number I first used everywhere but they all were the same number for all 4 options) and then opened the game up the next time the sound automatically is reset to 0. This is in no way a dramatic issue it's just annoying to set it again each time. Side note: I love your work. Keep it up.