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    Vehicles/Astroneer clipping/ and other stuff.

    I just had this happen to me as well. This is an older post but still seems to be a relevant issue. i was driving and stopped to get out and grap an unknown object when all off a sudden the rover started flopping like a fish, landanded on top of me and dragged myself and 4 other connected rovers to the center of the world. dead, inventory lost, rovers lost and no way to know how to avoid this issue again I should add this is the pc version
  2. I just ran into the same issue. A storm hit and litterally just as i died i clicked on my habitat. when my new body got back to my base i saw my old body inside the habitat. i could not get my body but was able to get back into the habitat. thats when the issue started. as soon as i tryed to leave the camera went inside my helmet and it seems i am unable to leave the habitat and all i can do is spin (i think). Once i can find a place i can click on the habitat again i get back in and camaera moves back to the outside view. At this point my game is dead