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  1. So I'd like to suggest that a medium packager is added to the game. This would package large otherwise unmovable objects, like the probes from the Wanderer update, or the Apollo lander, or other objects. It would package the object into a double Tier 3 container, that takes up the entire cargo area of the large shuttle or large rover. Essentially, this storage object would function like the XL Shredder unpacked. This would allow Astroneers to retrieve these objects and move them between planets, or more easily on the same planet (in lieu of using one or more winches). The medium package
  2. My suggestion is to allow us Astroneers to planet seeds several at a time. The idea is to allow us to plant seeds, much like we can drop tethers now. Except that the two step process (place, then plant) is not efficient. Use the aux slot to plant the seeds, or T like the tethers. OPTION 1: Use a tractor/trailer/feeder. My preference is to use the existing tractor, and pull a seed planting device. The 'seed planting device' could be a modified trailer, with something like a silo platform on it, that could be filled with seeds, and as you drive, each time you hit the right/left bumper (cont
  3. I started a new save game in Steam, on a Windows 10 computer. My specs are: Motherboard-MSI 970A-G43 Plus, CPU-AMD FX-6350 (6 cores@3.9GHz), 16GB x4 1600mhz RAM, Radeon RX580 (8GB), Windows 10 Pro O/S. I had saved the game several times, without issues. Then I was running around in a cave, being chased by the green acid/gas cloud from the orange pumpkins, and as I went to dig under one, the entire system froze, my audio blasted out a loud buzz that kept going, and my mouse, keyboard and controller all stopped responding. I could not task switch (ALT+TAB) or use CTRL+ALT+DEL keys. I re
  4. No, because that would also allow you to carry one research module, or a medium storage in those same two slots. It is meant to be a scout vehicle, you find stuff, then go back with one of the other rovers to pick up what you've found.
  5. Go to the top of the page. You'll see links there as "breadcrumbs". Will take you backwards to the main site, top thread of this forum, etc.
  6. The Microsoft Store in Windows 10 is not showing any update. I have it for Steam and XB, just not on Windows 10. When I attempt to start the game, it syncs my saves, but I haven't tried to load them because of the incompatibility of the versions.
  7. Are these saved games or new games since the update? 3. Items on the back of the rover (or front) get flipped inside, or ejected when you connect power to the rover. I believe this by design.
  8. Except there's solid ground under the one's I'm digging up.
  9. When loading a saved game on Steam, when I search under the yellow/orange plants found in pairs that say "unknown" beneath it, when I dig under it, there's no research (or anything else) underneath it.