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  1. KEVIN H

    I think Im done....

    Well since release of 1.0, this is about the 10th time that the game has randomly crashed. Im doing nothing extreme, Im simply playing the game and it is completely dashboarding. I think Im done with the game until some hot fixes are done to stabilize the game. This is not the performance I was hoping for, especially since these very same issues where present in the prerelease versions, and has been incredibly frustrating. My prayer is that System Era will get a hotfix or a patch out soon.
  2. KEVIN H

    Is this a joke?

    Hell the game freezes in the Loading Solar System animation. Id call that a problem
  3. KEVIN H

    Is this a joke?

    The lack of a quit with out saving option is an issue. The fact that after starting up the release, the game ran smooth for a short time then began to run like the <10 versions. Extreme lag, freezing, outright crashing continuing after full release is an extreme problem. They wont sell any more games if the game continues to operate like a rusty unfolding lawn chair.
  4. KEVIN H


    The game lags dramatically, frame rate drops, it freezes then crashes completely
  5. KEVIN H


    . Im on the Xbox One. The game started great it played very smooth and was beautiful to see. After a several hours, the game started to lag. Lagged as much as the 10.5 and earlier versions.
  6. KEVIN H


    . Im on the Xbox One. The game started great it played very smooth and was beautiful to see. After a several hours, the game started to lag. Lagged as much as the 10.5 and earlier versions.
  7. KEVIN H

    Ingame Wikipedia (Astropedia)

    I like the idea. Especially if they add in some kind of scanning tool. Make it about exploring the plants as well as the resources. A little No Man Skyish.
  8. KEVIN H

    Space elevators and space stations

    Oh I Like this. This would be Awesome! Rather than having to build a bridge with a terrain tool. It might be cool if we could repair and launch broken structures back into orbit and build an elevator to them
  9. KEVIN H

    Vehicle Compass

    We could use a small rotating compass visible when we're driving a vehicle, rather than having to get out constantly to use the one on our character. It could be just a small hemisphere compass in the bottom corner that can let us track our travel direction more closely while we're rolling
  10. KEVIN H

    Unabandoned Bases

    I had made a post suggesting that they give us a recipe for a tool kit that would allow us to repair broken equipment. Some may take one for the repair, others might need several to complete it. It would allow us to expand our influence over the planet more and give us the ability to change our home site if we wish.
  11. KEVIN H

    Cutting torch or laser/plasma cutter.

    I made a post about this the other day. Any kind of device that would allow us to cut things up. I Love the idea of a plasma cutter.
  12. Consider making medium storages stackable. Make them flatten out and extend the same way they do when placed on a platform. Limit them to only two per stack. This will give players even more options as far as storage goes. Especially if they are on a world that isnt very resource friendly
  13. By changing the name?!? It would be the Large fabricator even if you called it a dot matrix printer. The name doesnt matter
  14. A printed hab should act just like the original one that is deployed. Starts as a capsule then enlarges to a full size Hab. You could possibly have two options. The basic printed model and a more resource heavy expandable one. This would make expanding your world more interesting, especially if you find an abandoned site with better resources. Put up a full size Hab instead of just a piddly capsule
  15. KEVIN H

    Even Larger Shredder

    Even with a larger shredder, you still cant pick up the disabled platforms. I recommended they create a cutting device that will allow us to cut the larger items down to size to use in the large shredder. Cut everything down into manageable sizes