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  1. I'm all confused. We were told in October that the October update would be skipped to make way for a December release of 1.0. Someone on steam forums is under the impression theres no more updates until February. Is this for real? Because this is too much if it is.
  2. This is undoubtedly the weakest, least featured and most dissapointing update so far. This update is a spit in the eye to everyone who waited so patiently while SES skipped another update. I feel used and dirty. Thanks SES for nothing, I see now, this close to 1.0 how little we mean to you.
  3. we waited 2 months for this and i'm very underwhelmed with the result.
  4. Thanks now i can release the hostages
  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! This is all i needed to hear, Thank you
  6. you tried getting out while its flying?
  7. When I started this thread I had no idea it would become such a moan festival.
  8. Yeah this game teaches us Zen. Its the most relaxing and serene survival game i ever played
  9. seriously? i'm crying myself to sleep at night without it
  10. yeah, thanks pal. trick was i had to ACTUALLY read the rules. silly me. Thanks again
  11. I think something's wrong. I cant view any messages on the server. ive tried to log in a few times and i get nothing. no messages just a blocked messagebox and a list of people connected. is this normal?
  12. On radiated planet I found it near impossible to enter my crane. It took 30 mins. the verb was not working. It appeared but the circle didnt fill when i pressed "E" no matter how near or far i was. or where i was in proximity to the crane.