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  1. reason 7 days never got updates it its makes when bust there looking in to new buyers
  2. as i say how about fix the lag and crashing for co op mode
  3. so its doing it to u try and save then crashed ?
  4. hopeing thay will fix the crane z rover mod so thay collecct dirt
  5. iv not really had a reserch problam but fps lag in co op
  6. oh it sucks i play on xbox and me and bro cant play co op coz the lag hit me up somaticice1987 have chat
  7. wow 4 hours of work tryed to save and the game crashed there gose my work
  8. bugs crane / rover will not collect dirt with the drill attachment bug geting in seats or base to save game crash`s game and lose 2 hours of work and major lag in mulit player co op / lag wen entering rover
  9. My game is stuck at loading screen where the planets go round in a circle how to fix this