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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Hello there! I just had my first session since the vehicle update (V Following problems occured: - Vehicle jumped after I exited it (sometims just a small hop, sometimes giant flips) - when I wanted to get back in I couldn't. (instead of entering it only activated/deactivated the terraformer). -> to get back in I had to remove the seat and put it back on. I play on my MEDION Laptop (Win10 Home) via Steam. More Stats:
  2. MayoInvasion

    Screenshots Megathread

    (I forgot to use the spoiler option on my other post but couldn't edit it so I made a new one. I'm sorry moderators! -.-') Just some impressions. I LOVE the look of this game!! The landscapes in combination with the colors and shaders are stunning! Also the music works so great with the game. I'm just in love and excited for the things coming in the future
  3. I also had this bug in multiplayer mode. Had to get in and out a couple times to get free. I play on PC (Win10), bug was on version
  4. MayoInvasion

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    I also had these broken/quatered planets on pc version