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    Large Storage with battery included

    Well, since I personally don't have a problem with the requirement of placing batteries onto the rover storage, I'll just leave it at that. As I said, just had the idea while reading that other discussion.
  2. neraulin


    I treasure the peaceful and innocent approach of astroneer's game play. There are dangers, but they are mostly self inflicted. As to the hostile flora - hey, WE are the invaders... So that's my general opinion on the matter. The only way I could accept any form of weaponry/sentinel systems would be if, for example on the later planets, there would be a definitive change in environment hostility and danger over time - like day/night cycle. Passive plants becoming hostile at night, forcing you into retreat during this time period or into a completely different playing style - more like a pure survival game. The benefit of the latter would be a slightly faster overall progression at the cost of having to prepare the gear for surviving the night. Just an idea... One could see this as an expansion of the astroneer playing experience or an intrusion into the overall relaxed game play I have come to like about this game. Still undecided, myself.
  3. neraulin

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    This is known to also happen in single player. For now, beware digging close to your vehicle, as digging/drilling seems to "soften" the ground around you - at least for the vehicles. Doesn't seem to make a difference which tool is used... This also, for now, completely ruined vehicle-front mounted drills as far as I noticed.
  4. neraulin

    Large Storage with battery included

    Well, I originally got the idea while reading on another thread how the low power capacity of the med and large rovers was "a joke", since you'd get only a little distance on that power alone. People there suggested to increase the power storage capacity of the rovers or make them upgradeable. Others stated the reason for the low capacity was that rovers had been misused as cheap, lithium-free batteries in the past. Thus my idea to integrate the power into the large storage (or flatbed). In itself, it cannot transfer power (no plugs) - the combined cost with a rover chassis would make the "cheap battery" exploit much less worthwhile...
  5. neraulin

    Gravity Decreases Closer to Core?

    Please do. I loved that explanation!
  6. Several threads and suggestions have discussed or at least touched the problem of having power storage on your vehicle (trains), increasing with vehicle size. Since the obvious solution (just taking a few batteries) usually is a tradeoff with available storage room, I would like to suggest a "large storage plus", which also holds a moderate amount of power. It would mostly look like the large storage we know, with the addition of some indication for the power held. The additional functionality would of course come with a price - research wise and in production costs. Alternatively, the additional function could be put into an entirely new module, a "flatbed battery", which you could fit under a large storage or even a production module, for all you nomad base lovers... (it would simply pass through the connector nodes)
  7. neraulin

    Where is my base? Lost when driving far away.

    You don't know how you got here. You have no GPS satellites in orbit. You have no knowledge of the magnetic field of the planet you're on. What was your point again..? Be thankful for the compass... 😉
  8. neraulin

    Two Idaes to make gameplay easier

    In reply to 2): It’s basically a matter of placement. Build the fuel production plants close enough to the shuttle landing spot and all it takes is a few shift-klicks...
  9. neraulin

    Vehicle Ideas I guess

    A small cargo drone perhaps? Able to carry maybe 4 items back to base along the tether line. Would require a remote control unit attached to one of the mounts on the backback, effectively limiting the number of drones to 2 max. Travel time would be determined by the length of the tether line it has to follow - so once out of sight, the processing power for this should be minor. Deployment would also require a base docking module with 4 slots, which need to be empty for unloading/return to player - limiting the possible use to 2 runs max per drone before having to manually unload the docking module at the base.
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  11. neraulin

    Unknown Object

    ...and taste...
  12. neraulin

    Lack of End game

    Took me about 15 hrs of gameplay to find out I don't need a 'mission'... Instead, I load up my truck and go for a ride. Usually, I come back loaded with items and impressions. I cherish the fact that this kind of game has no 'end'!
  13. neraulin

    Unlocking stuff

    How about a note below the research item telling us about what is needed to actually build the item about to be researched. Maybe even showing the requirement in red if not met...?
  14. neraulin

    Terrain Leveling Tool Request

    Just in case you missed it: The tool can be adjusted. Just find a surface with the desired angle and start there. If you mean a fixed preset, then I misunderstood...
  15. neraulin

    4k? Ultrawide?

    Running a 2560x1080 res myself... Didn't have to change a thing...