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  1. Interesting reading about how discord is super-easy-for-everyone platform. Banned and Un-bannable users, deleted posts, not working links... Well done
  2. Well then you probably never seen good forum. Your bad. Sorry. It's like many programs these days. A new UI (BIG, chaotic), new options (which no-one-wants etc.) I talked with ppl from these companies and ask why they changed XY. ALLWAYS response is 'because customers want it'. But no one from them can't tell me where they ask for this. And you know what interesting is? No one in my company, voice chat for many games, forums I watch ... again no one heard about these and almost everybody hate these changes (like forum -> discord). If company prefer Discord over forum it's usualy because of $$$ not because users like it more. If you stop fill one platform with information this lead to users move to supported platform. This have zero to do with 'I like it more'.
  3. Well discord is modish, good for new generation of teen players. Discord CAN'T compete with good forum. Never ever. Discord is just IRC with graphic UI full of smiles (who need tons of spammed icons in seconds on screen?), full of garbage pictures (everyone is smart enough to drag and drop picture absolutely without any link to content of discussion). Try not compare this almost-dead forum with living discord. Discord is chaotic. I know what I talking about. I have ~10 Discord games linked and it's really pain. Redit is a little better than Discord. Less chaotic but forum is forum. If you need help ASAP, Discord can be faster if someone know what you asking for. If not, your question dissappear from screen in 10-60sec. Topic created on forum stay on topic list forever. and btw: new thing not automatically mean it's better. I can find a lot of examples but I thing you know what I mean.
  4. Redit and/or Discord (crap) CAN'T substitute forum platform. It's sad really sad ppl throw away a tons of time listing on discord and searching for something what can be found on live forum in few sec. Yea I know 'it obsolete, bad looking, not that 'awesome' like new technologies etc. Discord Is good for one shriek but not for serious info mining ale searching for older info. Yes I'm, older, I prefer clean info sources before 'awesome' looking blinking, animated shit like Discord. I remember a lot of online games start. But I don't understand why ppl love discord more than 100 times better forum platform. Sorry for offtopic. Just restless and nervous waiting for dedicated server alfa/beta/anything release.
  5. Is this possible even in normal game? And even on any planet?
  6. There are only two things important for me. -true flat in game -dedicated server Rest of game can stay same (maybe shreeding garbage can be removed, it's avfull). I remember time when I can create TRUE flat anywhere I want and I like this so much. Game w/o this is kind of boring (for me!). I don't like game if I can't build what I REALLY like.
  7. Hello, again thnx to all. Yesterday I successfully created new base on Desolo and everything run well (create flat surface was pain). A LOT of research items and Wolframite. I have little problem with power because of really fast planet rotation. Now I have probably go to another planet collect another rare minerals?
  8. Understand. Just don't know what "Equitor Alien Gate" is and how find it. I't really long time when I visited another planet ... maybe half year.
  9. Thnx both for valuable info! Time to preparation
  10. Hello, I try to find right ansver but found nothing, please try help me. My question is simple: Can anyone tell me which items I have to craft before my first trip to another planet? And what I have to take with me to survive (I need planet with Iron first right?) List of items or point to link with some kind of guide or anything but working with 1.0 release. I'm lost in bilions of recipes. Thank you.
  11. On what base I can put extra large storage? Extra large platform? But where to build it?
  12. Just little comment - this is Astroneer not Minecraft. Some games lead you because of simple control, some games need tutorial. Astroneer moved from first kind to second.
  13. Personally I liked old UI much, much more than new over complicated new layout. I like game so much, awaiting for Terrain2.0 and for dedicate server. Please reconsider and/or consolidate UI and hotkeys. btw: ATM I can't ride rover w/o unequip/equip seat. Targeting seats is really nightmare. Same with structures - you have to target it to very exact location to open menu. Please don't ruin this great game.