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  1. I'm sure they would find a way to implement such a feature for both platform. For me the problem is, that there are much more possible keybinding options for PC. So if a feature won't get implemented simply because there's no binding left for Xbox controls, it would really be a shame. Also, it doesn't even have to be shift click for the storages. They could just add a "hold E to use" option, or rather something like "hold E to quick-store" for it. Many many ways there. They will figure it out =)
  2. </sarcasm> Sorry, forgot about that. Of course this is a bug. I'm a software developer and stuff like that makes me really want to work on this game myself. I think this game has so much potential and I really want it to become as great as it can be. Also, while that's not on topic, I find it kinda unfortunate that the devs seem to want to make the controls of the game the same on both platforms (PC, Xbox).
  3. This is definitely not a bug, but rather a feature Also, I think if you connect the platform with the minimum amount of power you can manage to get, you will have the most time abusing this bug (ehm, taking advantage of this feature I mean!). I haven't tried this though. I've only done it twice with maximum power and got about two medium storages full of refined metal per malachite/laterite. But really, use this while it's still there. It's awesome and feels like playing a mini game, sort of.
  4. Let's add gamma ray bursts to the game! They randomly occur once every twelve thousand moons and pierce into the core of the planet, giving easy access to astronium!
  5. Please make this happen. For experimental purposes. I want to see how much my gpu can handle Maybe just put a note next to the setting, which warns users about the possible performance issues when increasing the render distance too much. Also, shouldn't there be a way of messing with the game files to achieve that? Or is that against the TOS?
  6. I think we all would love this feature! I imagine bringing a medium storage with you when grinding for resources. You find a huge occurrence of compound, resin or whatever, put your storage next to it and start digging up that good stuff. Automatically, when your backpack is full and you're close enough to the storage, the harvested resources move to the storage. The same thing with rovers. This way, storages would act as extension of the backpack. No more clearing the backpack by moving every single item each time it's filled up.
  7. After running into the (hopefully already well known) bug three times since the latest patch, I think I've finally discovered what triggers it. The last time it happened, I had just built my first worklight and put it onto my backpack on one of the shoulder spots. After that, I wanted to do some cleaning up in my base. While moving around some materials from one place to another, it finally happened. Only thing left I could interact with was the habitat. I proceeded to save the game and suffocate my poor astroneer explorer next to the habitat. After respawning, I
  8. Hopefully this will get hotfixed asap. Every game I start, I manage to run into this bug within the first 20 minutes of playing. There doesn't even need to be a rover involved. The last time it happened was when I tried to pick up a piece of compound while my backpack was full.
  9. Edit: This is very strange. I ran back to my base and noticed I could interact with everything that close to my main habitat. I could also enter the habitat. Then I ran back to my rover to see if the problem was fixed, but I still couldnt interact with anything. I noticed that I could push around my rover very easily by running into it. Somehow its physics properties was changed and I pushed it all the way back to my base. When the rover was close enough to the main habitat, I could interact with it like intended and the physics changed back. Driving away from the base makes the bug reappear.
  10. Got the same problem after exiting an open 1-seat on a medium rover. Restarting the game does nothing.
  11. Totally agree that the medium storages should lay flat on all of the large platform's slots. Also, what would be really nice, if you could perfectly align large platforms by putting them right next to each other, so that their power connection slots touch and they would automatically snap together at the same angle and be connected. This way we could build a huge, perfectly aligned and connected platform to store all our things on
  12. What about the option to build teleporter modules? I can imagine they would be really fun and useful for the "lategame" of astroneer. Of course they have to be expensive in terms of research data cost, aswell as energy consumption to make up for their utility. I'm thinking of a standard large module which can be placed on a large platform. To make use of them, you would need two of those modules in different locations (or different planets even). Like the ability to switch colors of a beacon, I imagine the ability to configure the pairings of the teleporters in a similar fa