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  1. REAPERx9xMike 2

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    On 5 Teather lockTeather locks, it would be cool to be able to lock the Teathers in place.? My phone doesn't like the "Teather" word.. The reason, is because they fixed the speed of walking with the telekinesis control that every astroneer has, it is fast just throwing stuff in front of U. There's the Teathers debacle, when picking up & throwing stuff the stupid Teather will stick it's big fat head in my view & I'll pick it up & not the stuff i want to throw. But if it was locked it wouldn't move... When all of your vehicles fall thru the planet with the drill on it or using the terrain tool. Here's a new one. my 12th save, I was Remodeling my base, for all of the new stuff, & all of my base stuff dropped. When your mobile base, land base, soccer ball, storages, all the zebra balls, all the planet keys, ect just disappear under the ground. I start all over again... & now I am on my 13th save after the 1.0 update. I hope for the day I won't faze thru the planets & I have to worry about everything else gazing thru...
  2. REAPERx9xMike 2

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    Yes, but still no number in the orb crystal control. O-Yah I am not hip on a lot of computer or text talking lingo.
  3. REAPERx9xMike 2

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    I have lots of ideas but with all my ideas I have an 97.899999Ωͺ track record that it will go gr8 & the rest %'s for some reason it will go horribly wrong. Thank u
  4. REAPERx9xMike 2

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    Thank u
  5. REAPERx9xMike 2

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

  6. REAPERx9xMike 2

    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    Building Ideas: 1 = It would be cool if, we could build our own ship by using the large printer = base, middle (the storage area), the cab area, the top.? 2 = The same for the vehicles, how many tires, how many connections (like shredders, solar panels, wind turbines, ect...? 3 = It would be cool to be able to control the crane when u r driving the vehicle at the same time, when the crane is on the front.? 4 = Could the gates on the planets have numbers, so it would be easier to know witch one it is...? 5 = Teather locks, it would be cool to be able to lock the feathers in place.? 6 = Could the pointer have an X in the middle for more accuracy...? Let me know if any of my ideas have merit or that it gave u any idea for the future??? ~~πŸ™‚β™ΎπŸ˜Ž
  7. REAPERx9xMike 2


    I have a question: When is there going 2 B a new Utube video from U guys? I miss those....
  8. REAPERx9xMike 2

    XBox1 I play & need some help

    Thank u for your time. πŸ™‚β™ΎπŸ˜Ž
  9. REAPERx9xMike 2

    XBox1 I play & need some help

    Could U make that creative mode or something. I can not leave the 1st world, I can't even go to the moon. I glitch thru the world, if I go to deep, so on this point. I have not play for about a week & I have started a new astroneer 7times. After Valt 76 & Anthem, yes none of those games R apart of this one. I am sorry, I am sorry, I am not smart enough for your game. I am so bored, I can not stay awake to even play the game, the music is so slow & drowning. I am so sorry my ideas R not good ideas or even worth your time to read them. I am so sad that the game I really loved is so out of my reach, the new stuff R cool, the graphics R awesome & Beautiful. I want to play.... 😒😭🀧
  10. REAPERx9xMike 2

    More fun, better music

    Please better music More torque for the tracker
  11. REAPERx9xMike 2

    Maybe a new (Idea)

    1st: Is there going to B maybe better music? I play alone. It would be fun to play with other people. But back to me, I play alone an the music is ni-night music, could u make some other type of music, Tekno/Rock/classical, ect. Something with some oomph or moving or giggle? 2nd: What about the ([PLANES]), U have rockets that go in to space, have different types of vehicles that go on top & under land, what about in the air? 3rd: Can U make the Tracker a little more stronger into the torque not the top speed. The speed is good, the torque sucks a bit. Collecting research on the trailers, the tracker turn into a sled. I tried this on multiple levels - 30Β°/50Β°/70Β°, the only thing that changed was the speed U slide down. It is like the engine is not strong enough to go up the hill, even if U make room to get a running start for the 50Β° & 70Β°. Not for 30Β° that is a jump with a running start. 4th: The graphics R awesome, the Color is unscramble, & the clouds R cool to watch. 5th: Will the scary plants grow in your backpack? I seen that achievement thing to plant all those different types of plants. I would like to make a garden but like the old versions they would grow in my backpack before I even get to my base...?
  12. REAPERx9xMike 2


    Don't u people work in West Seattle? With the new 99 Tunnel & all that ice, I am farther North with 13inches of snow. The graftics look awesome on astroneer, & I am excited to play 2night after work. Thank u REAPERx9xMike 2
  13. REAPERx9xMike 2

    I like that thing & may be a fun idea?

    That would B cool. Small idea with that, could the ("Developer Mode") have a planet & 2moons? That would B awesome, being able to build a (Spaceship) without leaving a planet would suck a little. If that make sense?.. O-yah I am an XBox1 player...πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ€˜βœŒ
  14. REAPERx9xMike 2

    I like that thing & may be a fun idea?

    Sorry, I am not so high tech in worlds. Sorry again
  15. 1: That thing u called a cheater tool is AWESOME. Can u make that a in game thing as well, for the peaple that can't really get to other worlds like me? 2: It would b cool to have a jetpack but it looks like that is not going to happen, but I like the new character or new astronaut. If not a jetpack what about some jet boots or as a funny a copter hat. 3: What is that storm for? That new planet doesn't have a storm & it is awesome, if make a new space with that cheater tool it would b cool to keep the storms out of it to or at least make it less frequent.?