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  1. Before missions - how many times I restarted the game My number ( 173 ) I am right know at ( 065 ) Please make something in the Future for ( us or me ) easier to play. Love U People for this awesome game. ~~♾
  2. Hello, I have some to say, please read. I can never get to the End of the game, Only in Creation Mode. Yes I love Creative, it is Beautiful (Thank U). Is there anything in the Future going to help Make it Easier to play the Game? I can never find copper on (Earth-Like-Planet). Yes I know, the real name will not spell right (not me) my phone won't do it. Yah. I have a Learning Disability & Attention Span of a Goldfish. That is what my family & friends tell me, I like playing Astroneer = before mission. I have restarted a new Game, because glitches make my base disappear. The Vehicles fazes thru the planet FOREVER nonstop. Restart/Delete. I have to do this long list to do something. It would B cool, if U could make an soil Centralfuse on your Backpack for the basic ingredients = 1full canister / 1ingredient. The size of small generator or something. Is there going to be a level system in the Future updates? Easy/Adventure/ Insane. Easy = The Bites needed is reduced, Resources are marked /or/ every resource is found on the surface. I would love to make it to the End of the store line. Please let me know REAPERx9xMike 2 ~~♾
  3. This took me a whole week trying to have this thing file it in without kicking me out for some reason.
  4. I have another Idea... Sorry... Backpack Upgrades = It would B cool, if we could do some upgrade for more Power, Oxygen, & Storage. 1: Power - If U store (3 Small Batteries) on your backpack. It would B cool if it gave U an option to upgrade the Backpack Battery. With something that double its value or more. With a x2, getting thicker, or even another Battery Bar. & then 2: Oxygen Tank - If U store (3 Oxygen Tank) on the Backpack. It would B cool (that option) to Upgrade the Backpack Oxygen Tank. Same with this one to, with a x2, getting bigger, or as another Oxygen Tank appears. & then 3: Storage Capacity - After upgrading the Battery & Oxygen, if (that Option) pops up (Do U want to Upgrade Backpack) for more Storage. Like More storage slots. & then 4: It would B cool, if it could B multiple times could Upgrades for more Oxygen, Battery Power, & Storage. With Levels of the Backpack storage slots. I thought it would look like a cube box. Sorry No & Than. Love the missions & the rewards. Thank U. ~~~♾
  5. Thank you for creative mode thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you infinite thank you. . . I can say thank you for as long as the sea of time could travel I could travel through the Sea of time to see the end of time that I see the day that I stop saying thank you. But that day is not here, how was your creative mode tree log on YouTube, I watch Z1, I had to wait till the next day is today this morning I downloaded took about 15 minutes and then I next play the next half hour of my morning with the brightest face of my that I could do at 4 in the morning that's 4 a.m. I played for half an hour they really do a lot but I had fun thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Yes I know there's a lot of thank yous in this. I just can't help it all day today at work I've been thinking and I've been writing all things to say to you but it's really fine the words. So all's I can say is thank you thank you for making creative mode thank you for fixing all the glitches that affected my gameplay. I listen to the thing where they said something about your old sage will be coming into your creative mode the only problem is when something happened in one of my saves like the last one that there my whole complex just disappeared into the ground. Since that other update my other game has not disappeared in the ground I haven't found any of those forever holes where something is falling for Everly. Thank you for fixing all the patches that affected me in my gameplay, thank you for making creative mode. And yes there is a lot of thing to use in here I don't know how many thank yous are in here I know there's a lot of think he's in here got it. If somebody wants to tell me that yes there is no a lot of commas in here and yes there's not a lot of periods in here or quotations and all that stuff like that. I couldn't type what I'm thinking so fastly I just can't text that fast so I'm using my mic. I'm going to say this few more times thank you all those who made this happen thank you for making all the pretty colors, thank you for making all the cool stuff, and thank you for making everything possible, thank you for making some of my ideas real - THANK U ~~♾
  6. Thank you for all the fixes that you have made over the years. Thank you for all the bugs that you have fixed over the months. And thank you for listening my ideas. Thank you for the whole new stuff that I hopefully will be able to play Within my gameplay. Still waiting for that giant Starship, spaceships are great Starship bigger. Thank you for everything that you've done over the years I praise you I give thanks to you I give 10 Goulding flaming stars for you guys angels that I've noticed in your videos that you have not sent out yet., I miss you guys. Did YouTube demonetized you or delete you oh, you are the only one that I have notification on. I'm waiting for you guys this video again... ~~♾
  7. On 5 Teather lockTeather locks, it would be cool to be able to lock the Teathers in place.? My phone doesn't like the "Teather" word.. The reason, is because they fixed the speed of walking with the telekinesis control that every astroneer has, it is fast just throwing stuff in front of U. There's the Teathers debacle, when picking up & throwing stuff the stupid Teather will stick it's big fat head in my view & I'll pick it up & not the stuff i want to throw. But if it was locked it wouldn't move... When all of your vehicles fall thru the planet with the drill on it or using the terrain tool. Here's a new one. my 12th save, I was Remodeling my base, for all of the new stuff, & all of my base stuff dropped. When your mobile base, land base, soccer ball, storages, all the zebra balls, all the planet keys, ect just disappear under the ground. I start all over again... & now I am on my 13th save after the 1.0 update. I hope for the day I won't faze thru the planets & I have to worry about everything else gazing thru...
  8. Yes, but still no number in the orb crystal control. O-Yah I am not hip on a lot of computer or text talking lingo.
  9. I have lots of ideas but with all my ideas I have an 97.899999٪ track record that it will go gr8 & the rest %'s for some reason it will go horribly wrong. Thank u
  10. Building Ideas: 1 = It would be cool if, we could build our own ship by using the large printer = base, middle (the storage area), the cab area, the top.? 2 = The same for the vehicles, how many tires, how many connections (like shredders, solar panels, wind turbines, ect...? 3 = It would be cool to be able to control the crane when u r driving the vehicle at the same time, when the crane is on the front.? 4 = Could the gates on the planets have numbers, so it would be easier to know witch one it is...? 5 = Teather locks, it would be cool to be able to lock the feathers in place.? 6 = Could the pointer have an X in the middle for more accuracy...? Let me know if any of my ideas have merit or that it gave u any idea for the future??? ~~♾
  11. I have a question: When is there going 2 B a new Utube video from U guys? I miss those....