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  1. In my games the inability to pick things up persists through death. With nothing in my backpack or on my terrain tool, I am still unable to pick things up.
  2. djeepp

    I can't pickup anything!

    Please search the forum before posting. This issue has been reported dozens of times.
  3. djeepp

    Can't pick up or activate anything

    Same problem here with different saves on different planets.
  4. djeepp

    Bug Database

    I assume System Era uses a bug database and/or issue tracker. If so, it might be worth exposing some of that (especially a bug log) to the the public to search for and/or log bugs. I know there is a place in the forum for posting bugs but I'm sure this is only a subset of issues and it is awful to search, even with Google.
  5. djeepp

    The Power Cells Break the game

    This is a known issue.
  6. djeepp

    Stuck in Habitat

    I'm sure the System Era developers are tripping over themselves to fix your problem after reading the title to your post. Updates to a game in alpha are full of bugs as disclosed by myriad warnings in the game screens, forums, etc.
  7. This is a known issue from the base building update.