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  1. I have this same problem when I'm streaming from Steam to my lapbook. I had to adjust the mouse sensitivity from 11 to 0. It's still very squirrelly and mirrored which makes streaming it from my desktop impossible :'( I hope the devs could take a quick look at this, as it seems to be affecting everyone who tries to stream from Steam. Please and thank you!
  2. Hi Astroneer Community, I recently started playing the Building Update (v0.6.x) and my base start was just too good to keep to myself, I feel the need to share it. You start off with a large solar panel right next to the habitat, with a cave entrance right next to that. Plus a large green biome for organics very close by. It feels like the perfect start and fantastic odds, since most of us need to go hunting for a large solar array, and this one is already upright and pointed towards the sun! See attached Save file and Screenshot, it's from right when you start out, the screen