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  1. Silentparasite

    Storm of the Century

    Good luck down there I always dig a hole when I am out and about, if you dig one at an angle you can survive without covering yourself up.
  2. Silentparasite

    Can you make multiple save files on the Xbox One?

    I did manage to delete all my saves last night, if you want to do that, go to your save data, then press the menu button, then delete from everywhere, that will delete ALL saves files though.
  3. Silentparasite

    Did anyone managed to make a flat base?

    I tried that method on the reddit, but mine still go at a downwards angle, even if I use the smooth out tool before placing anything, the pipes are all straight, until I add the 2 resin, then they just go downwards, gave up trying after 6 bases.
  4. Silentparasite

    Tether Issues

    I had this problem, the way I found to work, is while placing tethers don't have them at full stretch, move them back slightly so you have extra cable. Since doing this I don't have any problems, unless a storm moves them. I tried to look at your link but got - The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  5. Silentparasite

    Running out a Oxygen

    Same happened to me today, none of my base will supply me with oxygen, I have to go into my POD for it work.
  6. Silentparasite

    Tether Problems on XB1

    I also have this problem, I am around 50 tethers into mining down to find a cave system, I clicked on a tether to place it but picked up my last one I placed as the camera is all over the place atm, then I had huge FPS drop, I had to just place it anywere for the lag to stop.
  7. Silentparasite

    No Oxygen

    I have just loaded up my save from last night, now I am not getting any oxygen from anything in my base, my tethers wont connect either to supply oxygen, my only way is to sit inside my Pod, which is futile as I cannot explore, unless I find oxygen around the place.
  8. Silentparasite

    Lost save file?

    I had this happen last night, I came back on to play, but I only had 1 save files instead of around 6 or 7 ( got that many as my kids love the game also ) so now I only have my save file.
  9. Silentparasite

    Can you make multiple save files on the Xbox One?

    No sorry, I dont think there is atm on Xbox. I have tried going to manage game then delete save game data, but that does nothing.
  10. Silentparasite

    Tips: Leveling ground Xbox one.

    I tried this, but even after leveling out and my extension pipe is showing flat, it still digs down into the ground, once I place my 2 Resin on it.
  11. Silentparasite

    WIn 10 -- Steam

    Is the game going to be like the new COD? And I dont mean in gameplay, but in MP. Where you cannot play Co Op / MP with a friend if they have a Steam copy and you have Windows 10?
  12. Silentparasite

    Choose planet at start

    Maybe for a future patch or full game release, but is it possible at the start of a game to choose what Planet you would like to start on, instead of the default one? Just a thought.
  13. Silentparasite

    Xbox One - PC

    Is it possible to have a seperate Xbox One Section on the forums as there are lots of posts getting mixed up, with the wrong help given.
  14. Silentparasite

    Removing Resources On Collector Tool

    I thought they stuck to the side of the backpack, I am not 100% on this but on the Xbox One if I have been farming power or any resource and it only gets half way, and I farm another resource the smaller one goes on to the side of back pack.
  15. Silentparasite

    Can you make multiple save files on the Xbox One?

    You can have multiple saves on Xbox I have around 7 atm, click left or right on your D-Pad to choose another astronaut, then launch off to a new game. Your original save will be to the right of the astronauts, in like a see though shell.