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  1. How do you guys even get multiplayer working? I'm on Win10 and my Xbox friends can't join. This has been an occurring issue for months.
  2. Same problem with me, can't play with any friends. Was hoping this would be fixed for 1.0 Launch but I guess I had too high of hopes.
  3. Thank you! Weirdly the links in the Microsoft Store were not working, I figured it out though. Again, thank you for your help none the less
  4. Hello, I had Astroneer installed on my pc via Microsoft Store, I noticed I wasn't playing the latest version of the game. I couldn't find any way to update the game on my pc, so I uninstalled it in hopes of reinstalling with the latest version. Once I went to the Microsoft Store it told me I have Astroneer owned "as usual" but when I hover over the install option it won't let me click it. I hope there's a fix, because i'd love to play 1.0
  5. Tried coming back to this game after the latest update... Took a little break from Astroneer to come back to an update that sounded nice from the reveal trailer. Only took an hour or more to realize that we would't be able to get in a game together after trying multiple fixes. A big let down considering this game has a small dev team and probably won't be able to fix this quickly. Astroneer is still a very fun game to play, but not as fun without friends to share the experience with. Thumbs up on the update, thumbs down on the bugs that occurred from it.
  6. Astroneer is a very fun & relaxing game to play however, on Xbox One (the only platform I own) the frames can become very low. Causing even camera movement to be slower than normal, unresponsive button presses etc. These issues occur in Single player and Co-op. I haven't tested beyond 2 players total in a session and I couldn't imagine how bad that would be. I am aware that Astroneer is a Game Preview title on Xbox, which is why I'm making a post here so something can an be done about it before official release. Also, I've heard about tether networkings cause the fps drops but