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  1. I think that item storage is overrated in early to mid game, and only shows substantial use when transporting items in vehicles. I don't think it is worth making the storage items in early game; just dump your items in a hole with walls. The only real disadvantage is that its slightly hard to find what you want, but this problem still persists, albeit lesser, with storage modules. Thus I give you a solution: the Data Storage Unit ( Open) ( Closed) It is an item that can store raw materials inside it by placing an item on the red circle. You can then access the items via a panel like in the printers or suchlike (the blue rectangle), select an amount and then it will dispense those items. This item would probably be medium size and cost ~500 bytes for it to be an early game item Why is it better than the current system: Less lag for multiplayer Removes the boring task of finding items Removes the tedious task of storing items and making storage for those items Problems: The current storage system wouldn't be very useful players can now transport items too easily to stop ease of transportation, you could have it not be able to be moved off its base platform whilst it has items in it. Thanks for reading my suggestion! please feel free to comment your thoughts!