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  1. VEHICLE BRAKEING SYSTEM: OVERVIEW A system that would keep vehicles steady when you are not in them. On Slopes Vehicles slowly float or move down hill (Even when not in a storm). Vehicles are very confusing to manage and a braking system would at least give the user the ability to stop the vehicles where needed without worry of continuation in the wrong direction... or off the edge of a cliff into the unknown abyss. Vehicles need to be able to stop when you have reached your destination. As the current controls allow for the vehicle to drive in the direction you press on your keyboard concurrent with the direction of the camera. It is very hard to navigate tough areas as well as near impossible to stop where needed, or stay where you park unless on a completely flat surface unless you build around the vehicle to prevent it from moving but this can cause all kinds of glitches and problems. Options: Make vehicles more stable when not in operation. Give vehicles a brake function (IE: Hold SHIFT to stop) Vehicles not in operation don't easily move without significant force... or building around them. My Thoughts: I am unsure why vehicles currently don't have a brake system as it is quite frustrating. It would be useful to be able to stop a vehicle in motion while you rotate your camera as well as be able to stop and not only go in another direction/backwards to slow yourself. I don't think vehicles of this caliber would be created without proper brakes. Just another suggestion! PS: Storms blow you vehicles around even while underground.
  2. Timbo

    Not being able to pick things up

    I have the same bug and it only seems to happen once in a while so I don't know what is causing it... Exiting back to the menu and loading back in seems to fix it but it is a bit of a pain. Version: Platform: Windows 7
  3. Timbo


    I love the GPS System and gathering parts for it. I don't like how little there is to research and after 30+ hours in the game mostly exploring and digging I have only come across 4 or 5 thrusters which can't be researched. I understand the game is in Early Alpha and for that I applaud the devs although something like wind turbines not rotating in wind storms... and not rotating in most locations makes powering bases hard, as well as building underground. Extenders help but frustrating when you have 2 large tables full of Solar and Wind and still aren't getting any power. Although if you build to a height of 30 extenders and build a platform for your tabled it seems Solar is the way to go as it only doesn't collect power for a few minuters. The 3 Medium Batteries seem to get me through that bump... although that is only on the starter planet. Back to the topic at hand, the GPS... It would be awesome to have something like that that you could work toward where it would map out the planet it was orbiting. Maybe even have it a landing point where you could pilot your shuttles ship to it and build and what not. That would be awesome to be able to build at orbital platforms as I would end up making planets. I just think that beacons are useless for the most part and although I have yet to get lost for an extended amount of time other that that first horrid time... I did get myself trapped on a planet as well it that took a while to be able to build what I needed to get more fuel and get off the planet. The biggest thing I am worried about this point is... more to the rabbit hole. The content and emersion is there but you quickly run out of things to do. My biggest suggestion to this game is they need to add alien life forms... I would love something to Catch, Tame, Hunt, Fight, Defend, run scared from etc..... But that is another topic. Thanks for the great input!
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    Personally, I would just love to have a map that showed placements of beacons.... in my opinion beacons are already rather useless. You need to be very close to them in order to see them or in space. A map that shows a beacon or a device that reveals the surrounding area would make more sense... or simply make beacons easier to see. I was on an exploration trip and I made 5 beacons and used them so I wouldn't get lost. After placing the last one I realized I was a little lost. I ended up committing suicide and going back to base to use the shuttle only to realize I placed all the beacons within a 2-5min drive of my main base. Yet I thought I was completely lost and very far from base. I pretty much stopped using beacons unless I go to a new planet and don't want to lose where I set up a base camp as it is rather frustrating trying to find a base without a beacon from space. A map would bring a lot more usefulness to beacons and other exploration devices if they were implemented.... I mean what kind of space explorer wouldn't bring GPS anyway?
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    One simple suggestion. Please add a map. So very easy to get lost....
  6. Timbo

    Can't build storage

    Yea, I struggled with how to build them as well. I didn't realize you had to park the vehicle under the thing.... Ugh
  7. AI... Where are the AI? This game already is awesome and I simply went into the game so that I could post a positive review on Steam.... I accidently was side tracked with the amazing graphics and exploration... several hours later and here I am on the forums... don't worry I will get to the review. Overwhelmingly positive experience for me as I can dig... Oooo, I love to dig in just about any game but in this game. I can dig, level, and sculpt with ease. Thanks for that. Anyway, there I am on a rabbit trail again.... WHERE IS THE AI?! You guys have done such an awesome job with everything in the game so far. I have to simply ask where are the other creatures and other life forms? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some alien creatures, if you were able to capture them this would be a perfect game for me. To be able to build and craft is awesome but being able to capture things and harness their unknown resources is another A++ aspect that I think this game is missing. Mobs, Aliens, Opposition.. From what ever you call the gas fauna in the caves to simply running out of oxygen this game already has things that are unfriendly. What I would love to see is some type of Alien life forms that want to check you out, or tear you apart then check you out. As of current (yes I know only in Alpha) there isn't much to see moving around. This kinda makes exploration boring as while running around... and probably dying a lot. There isn't much else moving around. All in all I have a few ideas for creatures you can add to the game. I would LOVE your feedback. Since there aren't any weapons (I am assuming here) I will only suggest passive things at first. Alien Rock Golems: Passive Description: Rock Golems that run around and pick up the earth. The would simply stop from time to time and pick up a part of the already voxel terrain and place it somewhere else... maybe even in the same place as to build odd structures. Maybe even build cities if you would like to take it that far. Abilities: - Pick up and place terrain, plants, rocks, stalagmites, etc... - Maybe make them trainable to build things for you like walls, towers, or other useful things if you give them a certain resource... Uses: Lure them to a confined area by placing something shiny in from of them. When they go to pick it up as they are easily distracted like cats you can pick it up again and place it down to get them to keep following where you want them to go. This would allow you to trap them in a confined space where they will build or destroy certain aspects of the terrain for you. Cons: - Can't control what they do (unless you can train them) Alien Crawlies: Passive Description: Similar to a centipede this little creatures would be seem to be everywhere. Not only would they add something to look at but maybe if you could catch them you could use them for other uses. Possibly even give them some sort of storage as well as a follow ability if you give them the right "food". Then you have a little handy pet that will carry things for you. Abilities: - Amass an army of storage - Feed them to other life forms - Something to accompany you on your jornies. Cons: - You have to keep feeding them - They might eat each other if they are hungry Okay, that is all I have for now. As I play more and if I get feedback then maybe I will try to come up with some more! -Timbo