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  1. I was about to report the same thing, Xbox One X ( You can't see my inputs but you can imagine me trying every damned button on the controller. I haven't tried to select the red button with the cursor yet because I'm a filthy console player and that's not the first thing that comes to mind when D-pad + A works with every other module. It's stops on it's own when there is no more room to stock the gas collected.
  2. I have the achievement for finding a Gateway Engine, the one for Activating it but not the one for traveling to the Mantle! Xbox One X version of the game.
  3. Is it happening in a game you started in the current version (0.10.2) or did you load an old save (older than the 6th of September 2018)? I had the same problem once when I tried to load an old save, many portal to Astroneer Hell where I previously deformed the terrain.
  4. Yep sighted one today after a launch from Barren. 20 minutes later my game crashed. I was on Terran and just got killed by a storm, the dropship landed and then the game crashed. 0.10.2 on Xbox One X.
  5. Yep and if it were a "1 slot" kind of object so you can connect it to the sides of Medium Platforms it would be the best!
  6. I agree with you on a general level : the lights should be buffed. Either like you said : a pack of multiple lights (maybe a different blueprint?) or make the Worklight brighter when used on the ground. But anyway it's a discussion for =>
  7. Hey ! I think you're not in the right place for a Bug Report, try here => Maybe you can add a few technical details to your bug report too, it help the devs a lot! (look at the pinned topics if you need help on how to do a proper Bug Report) I hope it helps!
  8. Hey! I had some issues with tumbleweeds, the rover and the camera : Every time a tumbleweed goes towards the Open Seat the camera goes wrong. Xbox One X -
  9. Hi! When I try to watch your clip it's says : But I suppose your problems are linked to the fact that it's an old save, to quote the Patch Note for this update : I tried to load an old save (from Alpha and the ground was full of holes that let me see through the planet and all previous platforms turned into 2 units of Resin etc. So I started a new game and I'm having a blast! I hope this helps.
  10. "It's not a bug it's a feature" Yes, like 101101110111 said : it's normal, as everything organic is affected by storms (including artifacts or Unknown [Research]) but I agree the effect is sometimes a bit exaggerated!
  11. I came to the same conclusion as I was doing a lot of drilling on "Arid" and even tried to put a Worklight on the Crane attachement slots as seen in this picture : So yeah a standard issue light on the drill would be great, or an attachement slot for the light on the tip of the crane.
  12. Hello, I'm making a single forum post for various little bugs I found recently : 1 - The Mineral Indication Text is Upside-Down 2 - Some Tumbleweed got stuck into nothing 3 - Bug with the Terrain Tool not Generating terrain on a partially mined Titanium deposit : 4 - When double tapping "A" when the backpack is open to "print" something, it cancel the build but if you want to print anyway you have to change to another blueprint and back ; video to clarify : I hope this bug report help in any way possible. I love this game, great update too!
  13. Hi! I found a little bug in the system : An empty Teather Item (as seen in picture attached) I think it was from some teathers I found after killing a Cavern Lure. Not a major issue but I don't think it was supposed to be. Great game by the way, keep up the good work!
  14. I noticed that the Power Cell also provides infinite energy when connected to a vehicle (front or back) to said transportation device, I'm on Xbox One if it helps.