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  1. Piemur1

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    I have been having some trouble with the debris and the shredder. I had managed to find some wrecks of like research stations and such on large platform wrecks. I can carry the large platforms and drop them into the shredder, but when I do that, the research station or module attached falls off. I haven't yet been able to figure out how to pick up the wreckage that fell into the shredder or out in front of it so I can place it in the shredder by itself. Tried a crane, but that didn't work...
  2. True. And I like that distinction. But what I was proposing was that you can maybe use the same object to do both roles, like it's a Small Printer while in backpack mode, and deploys into a Small Fabricator while set on the ground? I did have a sudden thought though. That since fabricator prints the objects that are packed up in boxes, why does it 3D printer style the entire full-sized object that then just appears as a box? It's probably something they are going to work on in the future, maybe an animation that when finished it packes itself with some kind of animation that shrinks the whole thing into a package, and uses a reversed animation when building itself up on the platform? I'm certainly looking forward to the day that shows up. A little like how the initial habitat builds itself up when it pops out of the little Habitat module. I kind of wish though that they don't start like a teeny tiny model that grows up in chunky steps then finishes the rest of the construction. I want something more like how the Landing Pad deploys.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I tend to ramble and type in a stream of consciousness style, so it's sometimes hard to block things out into coherent paragraphs (despite going back and rewording a few things here and there a few times). I hope the suggestion would be viewed by some devs for consideration at the very least.
  4. Also the fact that small batteries and backpack-mountable chargables exist such as solars and turbines, so you can potentially use your backpack as a powersource as needed with attachments.
  5. Yeah, it makes a lot more sense having the backpack fabricator be the location for the small fabricator, and maybe make it selectable to drop into the world. It would basically remove your backpack fabricator when you deploy it on the ground like that, but being able to use it for a multi-purpose makes a lot of sense. In your backpack it would act as the current backpack fabricator, but you can take it off, and it would deploy to the ground-building fabricator for building medium platforms and the medium fabricator as needed/desired. Both modes would require power, but the deployed mode needs to either be on a platform connected to power or connect a cable to it like how small solars and turbines do. I would like to be able to slot a power cable to your backpack and use your own backpack as a powersource in certain situations, such as if you have small solar and turbine on your top-mounts to power things as well as you can (until you drain your battery)
  6. Piemur1

    Items for Large Printer

    They could always just rename the Vehicle Bay the Large Fabricator, since you also use it for the XL Storage on the XL Platform. Its basically what the Vehicle Bay does now, and also acts as a landing location for your shuttles. Now if they could make the current landing pad that comes with your first habitat base constructable and deployable at various locations, would be really useful and make THAT the landing locations for dropping in from space. It would also make a bit more sense.
  7. So I have an idea for the platforms that would make things more modular. I was thinking that you could make the B variant large platform the standard starting large platform for all of the bays, and unlock expansion mounts that you can attach to the sides of the platform, since the A and C look similar to that. So the idea is you build like the A-mount and C-mount individually that slots into the "power" slot of the platform, and deploy them from there. So you can mix and match various mount types, like one C-mount 10-single slot storage, and then an A-mount double-slot on the other to allow the dropping of medium storages to feed into the system (e.g. hydrazine catalyser or smelter). Maybe make the D variant a vehicle-bay construction on top of the B variant. I also think the vehicle-bay should be renamed the large fabricator, since that is basically what it is now, since you use it for the xl platform to build the huge storage on it already. And same with the medium platform, being able to build the standard B-variant double-mount medium platform, and maybe add the variant modules to it to give it side-bays for storage. It would also expand the usability of the medium platform. instead of simply having a double-mount with two single-mounts, you would be able to upgrade it to be able to slot 3 double-mounts for storage on that slightly smaller platform. Or lots and lots of single-slot storages by building the C-mounts. So costs, I'm thinking 1 resin for the A-mount expansions, and 1 Aluminum for the C-mounts. It would make the platforms more expensive as a whole, since you have to build them separately, and it would also cost more bytes to unlock, but that can maybe make the starting landing platform's 3rd slot usable by dropping a free A-mount with the small platform and medium fabricator, giving you effectively the same as the current Medium Platform A, but instead making an extra double-slot instead of 2 single-slots on either end. Maybe even make the small fabricator able to build a 3rd variant of mount (lets call it the E-mount for now) that will just like the current Medium Platform mount a single slot on a mounting end. The small fabricator would build a PAIR of these mounts at the cost of 1 resin so you can immediately put both on the medium platform (or large if you so wished). And now since that is now explained, here's what I'm thinking of renaming all the platforms and proposed costs: Medium Platform (1x 2-slot) 1 Resin Originally Medium Platform B Large Platform (1x 4-linked slot Building Module Capable) 2 Resin Originally Large Platform B A-Mount (1x 1-slot) x2 for 1 Resin Originally part of Medium Platform A B-Mount (1x 2-slot) 1 Resin Originally part of Large Platform A C-Mount (10x 1-slot) 1 Aluminum Originally part of Large Platform C Large Fabricator (built on Building Module) 2 Aluminum (unchanged) Originally Vehicle Bay Large-Mount (10x 2-slot) 2 Aluminum (constructed on Large Platform at Large Fabricator) Originally Large Platform D
  8. Piemur1

    An Idea For An Elevator

    So here's a thought for use of components already in the game as parts for the elevator itself. Crane for positioning and support (maybe 2 on either side) Winch on the end of the crane for winding the elevator, Standard medium/large platform that when connected to the winch deploys into a simple flat surface Tethers as a guide to the bottom of the elevator to extend in a straight line And here's the thought. It can be built and/or deployed from either platforms or off a rover. You start with the crane and winch at the top of where you start your elevator. When you connect the winch to a platform it deploys into a flat surface with struts around. You would also have to put in a stock of tethers which then puts the whole thing into an "elevator building mode". Like a pseudo elevator hologram thing. Then you maneuver the crane around to the hole or cliffside you're building up your elevator for. This where you would have to connect a second crane/winch to the other side of the platform for stability if that's something the devs might implement, especially for heavy things. When locked, you get on the platform and start dropping down and it would automatically deploy tethers on nearby walls as a guide rail for the elevator so it doesnt rock around and as lengthening for the whole construct.
  9. Piemur1

    Inhibitor mod is it really needed

    Or just being able to toggle it by reslotting it on the tool to turn it off would be useful. After all, some mods turn off for some reason, and can only turn them on by reslotting them on.
  10. Did it destroy the landing pad at least? I'm guessing not, because that's one of the two starting items in the game. But I'm just speculating.
  11. Dang, now I wish I hadn't deleted that save
  12. Piemur1

    Base not receiving or sending power

    You can try reconnecting the offending cables.
  13. I thought the closed capsule cockpits were fixed (just like large storage), plus the large shuttle's build location has large storage built on the slot where that capsule would go anyway and is also immovable.
  14. Certainly! I wholeheartedly agree, but I would like to see a change that would prevent a situation where you would have a sitting block for a shuttle and had spent quite some time filling in the required hydrazine fuel thinking that it would still work the way it had before. If it warns you that if you place that second large storage you will absolutely have no way of taking off, it would warn off players from trying it. Because (at the moment) nothing can be repacked or deconstructed and with no way to MOVE the shuttle, it becomes a hindrance. Not saying that they WILL implement something like that, but I can always hope. I had built the double large in order to carry enough prefabbed materials and equipment to quickly establish a new base on another planet thinking I would be able to bring that amount to offset the scarcity of certain materials (Radiated planet being supposedly scarce in resin and compound). I needed as many double-connectors I could fit, and was going to bring in a second habitat for the starting base. Unfortunately, as you could tell, I was unsuccessful from even lifting off. So I submitted this bug report for consideration of at least notifying the player that they are about to make a major mistake or preventing it outright. Personally, I think warning them of the issue would be best and let them make the mistake themselves after being hence notified. But now I need to research 2 things for shuttles, both the shuttle AND a cockpit. That is incredibly expensive, research-wise IMO, just to get to another planet and establish a new base.
  15. Piemur1

    Wheeled attachment for platforms

    Maybe make each "rover" platform consume power each to move so you need to bring batteries and power generation. Also make them slow trains instead of the speedy rover exploration vehicles.