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    Discord server

    side note: you can make announcements a lot easier on a discord server like, new features, update dates, etc.
  2. Skeletoid

    Discord server

    I suggest we make an official Astroneer Discord server! It would be a great way for the Astroneer community to get together and chat and brainstorm. The forum is good and all it just dosn't bring the community together and discord would be a lot easier!
  3. I kinda' get annoyed at the giant holes in the ground from when I dig resources, we need a tool to make the ground look like it did before, instead of the flattening tool.
  4. Skeletoid

    Tether visuals

    A blue ring surrounding the tether indicating how far it reaches, so you know when to place a new tether or when you are too far away. You should also be able to turn this feature on/off
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    okee dokee sorry bout' dat
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    I feel lonely, I need some wildlife to admire, I need something to keep me on edge when I enter caves... or when its night... outstanding game! keep up the good work!