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  1. I left out an item in regards to the flight control computer. You would use the flight control computer to tell the shuttle which planet to go to. I would suggest there only be one launch platform per planet.
  2. Autonomous Cargo Shuttle 1. New resource – gold and or silver. This new resource used in conjunction with graphene to create items with circuitry. i.e. flight control computer and or autopilot modules. 2. Autopilot – This module is for the large shuttle. This would be a tier one module and would go in the oxygenator compartment on the large shuttle. This would allow the shuttle to fly autonomously. 3. Launch Platform – Is an upgraded landing platform, like the platform in the tutorial. The launch platform would have tier one and two sockets to allow for more f
  3. I like where thread is going ...... also make it vulnerable to weather as well ...... maybe have to have some kind of cooling tower on a sperate platform?
  4. how about a new seat for the rovers? one that you can put on the front of them?
  5. how about this for a mission: A colony is in trouble and needs supplies. we gather resources and send them to the colony via the trade platform or recover a downed satellite, repair it and relaunch.
  6. Amen ...... work light and mods for the crane and drill head ..... please .... :-)
  7. How about an upgrade to the extenders to allow tethers to be attached to them or tether functionality to them?