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  1. I created the medium shuttle and then started the process of creating the large storage to fit on top. Just before it completed I had to leave so I shut down the game. When I logged back I found the large storage unit lying on the ground in two pieces. I used my rover to push the storage unit away from the shuttle so I can try again.
  2. My rover decided to fly away after I landed on Exotica. As you can see in the image the rover flew away and is continually spinning and bouncing across the landscape. I managed to separate in the rover into its two separate sections but it did not stop the movement. When a storm rolls by both sections fly way up and come crashing back down. Basically right now rovers are not usable on Exotica.
  3. Baelnes

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    Really like the Large Platform D! While it is not useful for production it is great for storage and wind power generation. Solar is weak due to the angles of the platform. I am still experimenting with the Extra Large Storage, far the best uses I have found are as a collector for a drill and power generation using the small wind and solar panels.
  4. Baelnes

    Stuck in Habitat

    Basically a storm hit and just as I was about to load into the habitat, the system recorded a death. Once I came back down, I exited the lander and could not retrieve my gear off the body still inside the habitat. The next time I entered the habitat and tried to exit, you see an image of the character falls through the floor as the door opens, then you just see the inside of the character but cannot leave the habitat. Steps taken to try and correct the bug: exited to main menu - fail exited to desktop - fail started a new game, created a new save point - fail So at this point this effort to test out all the current objects is a wash