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  1. dr4g0n36

    Mouse support for xbox

    see this post: link
  2. So, Microsoft released a new os update in November that enable (finally) keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One. It would be much apprecciated if, before exiting Alpha, you consider as an option to add that support for console. At now few games are enabled (like Warframe eg.) but having at launch a fully supported mouse and keybard with console maybe could add a big value to this game (starting form no PvP setting type game) linking more friends from different Platform. I'm playng both PC and Xbox, but obviously KB&mouse kick Controller 10/1. Just an idea, that might make me very happy and a PC turned off.
  3. dr4g0n36

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Just have a new update trough Microsoft Store, named "0.4.10219.2". Can't find anything on the web, wich news are in it?
  4. dr4g0n36

    "131" - March 17th, 2017

    Is this the 0.2.10131.2 update of the Microsoft Store? googling it i can't find info. On the recent updates show me "updated Yesterday".
  5. dr4g0n36

    Huge problem with savegame!

    Windows 10 version hasn't log or something else.It's "just" an app.
  6. dr4g0n36

    Huge problem with savegame!

    I'm sure that this don't help but...here's my bug about savegame:
  7. dr4g0n36

    How do you delete save files (XB1)?

    I know, it was only an alternative to a "clean" install. Deleting User files on XB1 is like a new game redownload, saving GB and time.
  8. dr4g0n36

    Huge problem with savegame!

    All "new" save work like a charm, saves created before my post don't work. MP doesn't work for me, tried with a couple of friends with this try: ME on PC --> friend on Xbox : friend has "join" button grey, i can send invite but he can't reach my world ME on PC --> friend on PC: both has "join" button (xbox app) active, both can send invite but either with game open or closed after clicking on invite message game stops on main menù. Selecting a character only load a new single map ME on Xbox--> friend on PC: I have "join" button grey, i can send invite but he can't reach my world and reverse ME on Xbox--> friend on Xbox: both have "join" button grey, both can send invite but both can't reach each other world bolcking on main menù.
  9. dr4g0n36

    How do you delete save files (XB1)?

    Windows -->APPS<--- save in private-only SYSTEM accessible folders, like all other apps. Don't follow any giude how to enter, trust me, 50% of times if you add your account to folder privileges in order to access Windows delete it and rebuild it thinking of a system attack. BTW, if you want to proceed, search in: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages\{PackageId}
  10. dr4g0n36

    How do you delete save files (XB1)?

    nope, a faster way is to "manage" game and remove user files. On the left side when you are in the game tab (xbox game explorer) bump down to "user files" (usually 5mb) and delete it. Give a try.
  11. dr4g0n36

    How do you delete save files (XB1)?

    Remember that Windows 10 version is an app like Xbox installer, that store saves in protected folder, also ingame we have the same look of xbox one version so when will come out a solution for xbox one, there will be the same for Windows 10 app version.
  12. dr4g0n36

    Huge problem with savegame!

    Ater playng around 6/6.30 hour i quitted Yesterday entering in my module before quitting (and entering several other times during gaming session). Now, starting from today, when i try to load my local save (single player because Windows 10 version can't do co-op) it crashes to desktop after laoding. tride around 10 times, restarting PC, nothing help...so...where are my 6 hour? gone? any idea how to recover them? truck that when loaded with research item rotate on his X axis infinite time passes...but unloadable save and crashes to desktop i think that is a bit too vital.
  13. dr4g0n36

    How do you delete save files (XB1)?

    Same for me (Windows 10 / Xbox ONE) actually i have 6 saves and can't remove them. Also every save is empty, when i load them i found nothing builded on planet. BTW Windows 10 app save in protected folder, it's a bit too difficult than steam version to solve manually this issue.