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  1. Riley Bielby

    Freezing 5-10 seconds with rovers

  2. Riley Bielby


    mine is floating in the habitat and is not under the habitat do you know on how to fix it or will it be patched or do I have to start a new save
  3. Riley Bielby


    my habitat has got a small fabricator stuck in it and I can't remove it at all
  4. Riley Bielby

    update 7.0

  5. Riley Bielby

    update 7.0

    sorry if that is confusing
  6. Riley Bielby

    update 7.0

    if you look at the roadmap on trello you will see that Q1 at the end of Q1 everything in that row will be out and Q1 is at an end today
  7. Riley Bielby

    saves not loading

    wish I could play astroneer but all my saves are not loading in the game freezes at the loading screen
  8. Riley Bielby

    saves crashing

    when ever I play astroneer for a while the game seems to crash if I get into a seat or my habitat
  9. Riley Bielby

    update 7.0

    when is 7.0 coming out for astroneer
  10. Riley Bielby

    spaceships floating

    Help my spaceship has been possessed by a demon I just landed my spaceship and this happens it still does it when I enter and exit the game
  11. Riley Bielby

    Space ships

    I have recently been watching some of the dev streams from when the game was not released and I thought why do we not have a landing platform for our spaceships I also find it frustrating if you have already built a spaceship and don't have a rover you have to either create another vehicle bay or get in your spaceship waste precious hydrazine to move your spaceship to somewhere else on that planet my idea is that the landing platform could be built by the vehicle bay in a box like all the other base pieces and could still be moved pls add into the game.
  12. Riley Bielby


    just a little visual for Astroneer could we have the little connection thing for the tethers circled in blue pls
  13. Riley Bielby

    Thruster and large rover

    I would also like to add that when I try to flatten the ground the circle is all jittery and difficult to get a flat piece of land this also has nothing to do with the mod for the terrain tool.
  14. Riley Bielby

    Thruster and large rover

    This is my first time reporting bugs so I am sorry for anything missed out When I put hydrazine on the thruster which is on my rover I do not have enough time to get in the rover and I launches off with out me.
  15. Riley Bielby

    Somthing New to Astroneer

    i was wondering if astroneer is still getting a creative mode. this is my first time posting a topic, sorry if I have left anything out