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  1. Not sure if it was mentioned, but I would love to see something that can carry scrap. Say a trailer that you can throw stuff in to.
  2. BarthVader316

    Save game won't load at all.

    Apologies, I updated the wrong save file. This is the one I am trying to see if it can be repaired. FIRST_SAVE$2019.06.01-15.56.49.savegame
  3. BarthVader316

    Save game won't load at all.

    When I jumped into a rover, it caused my computer to BSOD. Now when I load into Astroneer, the save I was using won't load now. Astroneer sees the save but does nothing when I click Load. I can start the tutorial and new games. I have attached the save file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FIRST SAVE$2019.06.01-16.37.36.savegame
  4. BarthVader316

    1.0 Feedback and Future Ideas

    First, @SystemEra, I know you guys are all working hard to smash bugs so these ideas might be pre-mature. but I don't want to forget them. Second, I am a long time fan of this game. I started playing in January of 2017 and have enjoyed the game since then. I'd like to offer some feedback and ideas I hope will make it into the game. Small power items still do not have a hologram that shows you the direction they power plugs will be facing. Often I have to pick up stuff to line up the cables 2-3 times before getting it how I want. Some of the resource spawns seem HUGE!! like multiple trips / rovers full of Aluminium. I noticed this on the starting planet. I have only been to two other planets as I am taking my time enjoying the game. Resin and Compound seem to be part of this as well. I was hoping that all found debris would be shred-able. Sadly, the smaller platforms and even the rovers are not shred-able. Maybe create an Extra Large Shredder? I would love to see an improvement on resource storage. I know at one point there was talk about being able to fold down the medium storage by holding F (or E, whatever it might be). But I know this would create a lot of clipping possibilities. I think this should be looked at. It might even be worth bringing in a small storage that holds 4 resources and it printed/unboxed flat. Think the bottom part of the medium storage. Would cost 1 resin. Printed from the small printer. True Flat - I know you have heard this feedback loud and clear so I won't go into any detail I would love the ability to toggle off the augment mods while keeping the augments slotted to the terraform tool. The thrusters for the ships look out of proportion. A small complaint, but, putting a solid fuel thruster on a large rocket looked funny speaking of thrusters, I loved and hated that the range requirement was removed. I feel like this could have been fleshed out more to require players to build a certain thruster to get to that planet that SUPER Far away. For me it would bring progression. I know others though loved the removal of the range requirement. I wish there was a way to remove the pre-determined landing spots on a planet. In my current game, I landed at a spot and found that it would be a great place to settle. so I dropped a landing pad and now when I want to go back, there are two of those bubble things right on top of each other. As you play for hours and hours, I would love to see some crazy research unlocks. Things that are around the 50k or 100k bytes. Would only be discover-able through exploring the planets. you find a thing, bring it back to the base, and have to do something with it, and receive a new unlock in the catalog. This could be an alien tech of some kind. One idea that I could think of would be a flying rover, or perhaps the ability to create a "wildcard" resource that can fill in for another resource. Another idea would to be able to spend points to research the smelter again. Only now it would smelt things 5% faster. or the rovers would have a higher capacity battery. This would also ensure that research remains relevant at end game. I was among the few that liked the storms. I will say though that the storms in the Alpha and Pre-Alpha phase were poorly implemented. I believe the storms could bring some interesting game play elements into the game. I think what most people hated about the storms is that you could easily die in one and that it seemingly just wasted time. I would suggest bringing them into the game but with these elements. (keep in mind these are just some ideas that I have been thinking about) Wind Storm - Inhibits Movement; Causes wind turbines to generate power above their normal rate; Turbines can also break turning them into scrap. "Medium" and "Large" components could be repaired with some resources. Might even prevent the research machines from working due to them being exposed to the elements. Electrical Storm - Power devices, more specifically batteries, can fail, and even have the small chance to blow up and cause damage to the platform its on. This could lead to the potential of damaging things around it. Limited to the platform that the battery is on that "blows up" or thematically "causes the platform power system to overload" Ice Storm - Causes Turbines to stop all together. Could even prevent the Atmospheric Condenser from working as the cold weather "spoils the sample" or something a long those lines. Thanks for reading. BV
  5. I wasn't really sure where to put this so please move it if necessary. First, Congrats to the System Era on rolling out an amazing game. I have enjoyed this game since Jan 17' so I've seen it grow and change through the pre-alpha and alpha days. Again, congrats. Dedicated Servers I wanted to speak to dedicated servers. I was disappointed that dedicated servers didn't make the 1.0 release but, I am definitely in favor of finished features than rushed/stripped down features. My main question is will we be able to migrate our local saves over to the dedicated server environment? Related to the question above, will we have to start fresh new saves? I believe this was confirmed, but will Steam and Xbox be able to cross play? Will I be able to move between my xbox and steam pc with the dedicated environment? Meaning, can I play on my PC and then move over to my xbox and keep progress? I am guessing there will be a monthly cost to System Era/Chosen Third Party? Will we have the ability to grant players the ability to play on the dedicated server if we are not there? Future Updates I know according to the roadmap there is already a line of features planned for Astroneer. My main question is will we see further story content through updates and/or even paid DLCs / expansions (I know we are far from this, but just thinking longevity of the game) Thanks for reading. BV
  6. BarthVader316

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Please make all power generators capable of creating their own platforms with plugs. Like the Small Solar/Generator/Wind Turbine (Xbox Specific) I would love to be able to navigate the backpack UI with the xbox d-pad. Click once on an item and it picks it up and hovers it somewhere. Move the cursor type thing to an empty slot and press a button again to drop it in the slot. If the slot selected is occupied, then the two trade places. (Xbox Specific) Allow us to manually control the camera angle when holding something, that way we don't have to move the cursor to the edge of the screen to rotate the camera. Say, the left and right shoulder buttons on the controller will allow you to rotate the camera when holding something. Don't give us the option to enter a rover if it is flipped. only allow us to flip it over. This was an issue for me in 9.2. Not sure if its still the same yet as I am still trying to unlock them in 10.2
  7. BarthVader316

    Why don't I explore more

    Can someone explain the hatred towards tethers to me? I use them quite often and have never had to much of an issue with them.
  8. BarthVader316

    Render Distance

    This will most likely come (if it ever does) after t2.0.
  9. BarthVader316

    Tutorial Feedback

    I think the tutorial right now is designed to show how the game will be played at a later date. It has a lot of things in it that are not currently available in the game. The shuttlepad thing, Tree Sap things, data canisters. I am wondering if the data lockers will bring back the old research system with the improvements of the new. So we have to find the data lockers through exploring crash sites/satellites to gather the "plans", and then spend our bytes to unlock what we want.
  10. BarthVader316

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    I'm totally okay with them keeping the mystery of the black hole planet and the purple building thing in the trailer. I'm looking forward to more framework/features/bug fixing/new things. I'm hoping for patch notes to come today since they did confirm an update would go out this week. @SES, I do miss the Vlogs.
  11. BarthVader316

    When’s the next patch out been like two month nearly?

    This week. Confirmed in a number of streams this week.
  12. BarthVader316

    Help me understand the Small Rover.

    It seemed to be effective in gathering off Terran Resources. And after leaving the rover, I didn't feel bad at all about leaving something because its relatively cheap to make. And I can use it again if I ever have to return to Arid for more Lithium. Even in the Early/Mid game I tend to build one but, in the early game my focus is alwasy reasearch, research, research. I have never had an issue with not having enough resin and compound near the starting area that I couldn't get enough resin for platforms and compound for the research stations, canisters, and tethers. Also, I try to find the nearest cave entrance so I can start looking for research pods. If you are lucky enough to start in an area with all those tall tree looking vegetation things, you can always find research in them at the very top of them, which makes me put off the small rover until mid/late game because it can't carry anything back.
  13. BarthVader316

    Help me understand the Small Rover.

    Just want to add some feedback to this thread. I absolutely enjoy the small rover for all of its qualities even the fact that it can't hold a two slot item (research, medium storage). I have about 30 hours into my current save and wanted to play it differently so I decided not to do my Mineral Extractor/Trade Platform combo to get batteries. The only reason I do this is because I don't like to leave Terran because I have found that using the terraforming tool on other planets is very erratic and jumpy and currently the resources available on other planets are not needed, except lithium. Realizing this, I knew I had to leave Terran. so I built a Large Rocket, brought a long tons of storage, a vehicle bay, and a platform. This allowed me to reach Arid, Build a small rover, and drive great distances to get Lithium. Go out with an empty backpack and come back and load the 6 medium storage. Having the rover made this whole process soooo much easier and faster. Didn't need to bring tethers. Only brought enough compound to make the rover and the seat, a small generator and one small solar panel for the buggy and to power the platform to build the rover and I was all set. Came home with roughly 40 lithium. And I think I did it a lot faster then doing the whole Mineral Extractor/Trade platform/dig a big hole for soil. In the early game I found that the medium rover was a better solution for early game expanding and research. At most it can carry 3 research pods. You might have to stop and recharge with a generator but, the medium rover's power needs are much more manageable than the large rover and if you maintain the front or rear slots for power producing items, power isn't even an issue. I do wish the turn on/off of things would work if whatever you have attached is on a medium storage. Additionally, its size is still easy to manage in caves. The only thing I would change on the rover is add two more single slots in the front so I can put work lights on it as headlights.
  14. BarthVader316

    Car glitches and more.

    Just want to add another example. This happened immediately after loading into the game. I was sitting in a Medium Rover.
  15. It desperately needs the ability to be packed and unpacked.