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  1. Unfortunately, you are out of luck. The "corpse beacon" is shown for the most recent death per Astroneer.
  2. Recently found one of these on Desolo. They're still around, just very rare. While they don't function as a landing pad, you could probably drop one of the crafted ones on top of it.... I haven't tried moving one, either.
  3. I have this problem consistently on the gateway chamber next to my base. I cannot use the chamber anymore because of it. My understanding is that the "pillars" that are in place when unpowered are still there when powered, and your Astroneer collides with them and the game's resolution is to kill the Astroneer. Please, fix this.
  4. I, too, am noticing the following: Shuttle disappearing/appearing while travelling between planets Occasional terrain tool lockout, where 'E' will not deploy terrain tool after landing on surface 'C' and 'V' not available while in orbit. Forced to land on surface again, then launch again Gateway chamber deaths. Just walking across an activated gateway chamber kills your astroneer Satellite deaths. Arriving on the satellite via gateway engine occasionally kills your astroneer Exiting rovers sometimes sends vehicle flying into the distance Terrain modifications made by large drills graphically revert back when revisiting, then after a few moments correct themselves
  5. Sadly, customizable signs with text probably won't happen, since someone could write profanity. I am guessing this could impact the game's rating, which they want to keep at 'Everyone.'
  6. I miss the massive cave systems from EA, too. There was something fun about going down there and following them for as long and far as possible. Leaving a trail of "fingers" created by the terrain tool to point you back to the way you came. The new caves, while spectacular in appearance, are just TOO big and don't really guide you anywhere. It's no different than exploring the surface. As for being "too easy" with all the new tools, just make it a point to not use them. You aren't forced to use the "drill on a rover" technique. I can see why the game would be very boring if it was just "alright, here I am. Let's do this in 2 hours." Astroneer is self directed. And if you want to "finish" in 2 hours, then go for it.
  7. It is disappointing to lose an item like that, but zebra balls are uncommon and not that rare. Look for another and you'll probably fine one. They're on all the planets. You might even find one of the other variants.
  8. Another option I've found to "fix" this is to go near a gateway chamber and have that music loop start. Then leave the area and the "normal" music starts again.
  9. If you hover the mouse cursor over the Astroneer, does it show a name? Is it a Steam friend joining your game without your knowledge?
  10. Large rover, 8 RTGs on the rover, drive to each gateway chamber. Plug rover in.
  11. Take a beacon with you when hunting for wabbits. I mean satellites. Drop the beacon at the satellite. Now you can find it later. You can drag them around with a winch, too. But, be prepared for a lot of recalcitrant behavior from the physics engine....
  12. I keep forgetting to put up screenies of my gardens. Will try to do so tonight.
  13. You are not the only one. I have had this happen, too. Same Steam version. With normal research pods. Most annoyingly, it was the 12K+ ones from Atrox's core. Missed out on 24K+ bytes! Save/quite/reload did not fix it, either. Overall byte count did not increase until those two pods were complete, and I started another set of pods.
  14. Dig up the red ones in caves on Atrox and a seed might drop. Take that/those seed(s) back to Sylva and plant it/them. The blue ones are on the surface of Atrox, and also occasionally drop seeds that you can re-plant. Seeds are different from the research samples that drop, and rarer. Re-planted spewflowers are docile, and will not attack. They don't have the beautiful "opening" animation seen in the trailer, though.
  15. I really want custom beacons, myself. I suspect, though, that customized text may not be an option due to the multi-player experience, which can then lead to ratings concerns. That is, someone decides to use profanity in a beacon name. But, I still want them!
  16. First and foremost, is there sun? If you're on Atrox, the sun levels there are low. If on Desolo, the daylight hours are very short (as are the nighttime hours). Are you at one of the poles of the planet? It could be there is no direct sunlight since the sun is not high enough in the sky. Are they underground? I know this sounds stupid to ask, but it had to be asked. Obviously, they won't work (correctly) underground. Terrain matters. If you're next to a mountain, its shadow can impact light availability to a panel. Same with gateway chambers. Do the medium panels open up or remain closed? If closed, they are not receiving enough light to activate. Are the small and medium panels properly attached to the platform(s)? Make sure you the rubber skirt on the bottom of the medium panel is not present, and that you can't see the cable connections on the small arrays.
  17. That happens to me, as well. Every reload of the game my large rover train of four large rovers experience this. Sometimes just getting near the rover causes them to correct themselves, but other times I have to take action. Simply disconnecting and reconnecting any other rover in the train fixes it. If it is the ONLY rover (as shown by the OP), bring another object with a cable connector on it over to the rover. (Come over to rover, my rover red rover?) You should be able to connect that object's cable to the rover and voila, they'll flip back out the right way. Be prepared for the objects to be flung away. Your mileage may vary.
  18. Instead of collecting research pods, I've always though harvesting X number of regenerating research should award an achievement named "Sniffed the roses." The second one isn't possible. You can't get from one planet to another without use of a shuttle or gateway. The other planets you see in the sky are just visual phantoms or stand-ins for the "real" planets that are vertically stacked on top of each other and invisible. Maybe an achievement for reaching and doing something at a certain altitude?
  19. An in-game TEXT chat would be handy, just in case voice chat isn't an option. For voice, Steam, Discord, etc. work fine.
  20. Astroneer figures. About six inches tall. Or even a "deluxe" version such as the fan-made one with the magnetic nuggets of resources. Though, it'd have to be the cat/bio suit model.
  21. The update was that you will no longer see beacons on OTHER planets. You will still see beacons on your current planet, including while in orbit of it.
  22. Astroneer is an open-ended game, so there are no in-game directives aside from the aforementioned "don't die" goal. To make the game enjoyable, have a goal or two (or more) in mind to work toward. Some of the "suggested" goals (so quoted because they are not required) are: Visit every planet Explore every planet Interact with items you find Dig, dig, dig I've also created some goals of my own, such as a highway network connecting various points of interest on the surface of Sylva, allowing easier vehicular travel around the planet, as well as helping with navigation. You can build structures using the terrain tool and with some creativity, even embed objects in there to enhance them. The previous suggestions are good, but I would also add a few more (in no particular order): DON'T OVERMINE. If compound and resin are right next to your base, leave it there and mine as needed. Organic is always in abundance (on most planets), so there's no need to strip mine these early on. This reduces resource clutter before you can get storage under control, and thus reduces the stress of "where do I put all this?" Resource "pits" are the usual solution, but loose resource nuggets can get a bit out of hand. Don't forget your starting habitat has two one peg storage slots on it, and one two peg storage slot. But, the two peg one is usually where you'll want to store the oxygenator. INITIAL DROP SHIPMENT: Don't forget to check out the initial drop package Exo Dynamics provides you, which contains a starting platform, medium printer, and oxygenator. This is accessed via the tiny kiosk on the landing platform next to your starting habitat. Note that "re-deploying" them will delete those starting items (just those, not any you built), and repackage them. ENERGY PLANNING. Your initial habitat provides a very small amount of power, which will not be enough fairly quickly. Be prepared to build other sources of power, such as solar and wind devices. Use the in-game "Astropedia" (hit F1), to find out what the wind and sun conditions are like on the current planet and build power sources to take advantage of them. Note that small solar and wind turbines can be placed on platforms/storage or deployed on the ground and connected with power cables to a platform. WORK LIGHT. Trust me, you'll want it. Should be one of your early objectives. LIFE SUPPORT: Learn how the oxygenator works. Without it, tether networks won't work as intended. It needs to be attached to a structure network that the tethers can reach. It's OK to explore with a vehicle, because all vehicles will provide oxygen, but those without an oxygenator cannot utilize tethers. TETHERS. Always carry a pack of tethers with you early on. If you run out, you should print more soon. CABLE MANAGEMENT: Learn how tethers work versus the power cables. Power cables connect platforms and structures, providing power and oxygen (the cable will have a yellow stripe if providing power, and light blue edges if providing oxygen) to a "structure" network. Tethers provide power and oxygen between a structure network and only the Astroneer(s). Tethers will not connect platforms/structures to each other. ASTROPEDIA. The aforementioned Astropedia is very handy. Use it to find out what resources are on what planets. Not everything is available on any one planet, but all planets do have the "basic" resources of: Compound, resin, organic, quartz, graphite, ammonium, and laterite (aluminum). It is also handy for planning the harvesting of atmospheric gasses. EXPLORE UNDERGROUND. Some resources are only found in subterranean locations. There are also other useful and interesting things to discover. BEACONS. Craft beacons and carry them with you when you start to explore the surface with a vehicle. Drop them within site of each other and possibly go so far as to create a "finger" with the terrain tool that points back home. Then attach a beacon to it. This helps prevent the hours of searching for your base because you became disoriented. VEHICLES: The buggy and tractor are you best bet for early on. The buggy is great for exploring, and the tractor for hauling stuff. The rovers are power hogs, but excellent transport vehicles. OXYGEN TANKS. Unlock them before you start going too far way from your base without tethers. One is good, but two will help you greatly. They will, however, take spots on your backpack. DRILLS. The first drill is relatively easy to make. It requires readily available resources. It will also be necessary fairly early when you need to get through tougher terrain. BYTE BUDGETING. Before unlocking a new item with bytes, verify you can actually build it. The catalogue entry will show you what is needed to build the item. If you cannot yet get that resource, you may want to spend the bytes on something else. This becomes really important early on, where byte accumulation can be slow.
  23. Forgive me if this was already mentioned. I did a search for Oxygenator and did not see anything mentioning this in the first few dozen posts. An oxygenator on a medium or large rover works as expected when attached directly to the chassis of a rover, medium or large. If it is attached to a large storage module that is attached to a rover's chassis, it does not work as expected. Tethers will not carry oxygen. I do not know if this is expected behavior. I noticed the RTG works whether it is attached directly to the chassis or large storage attached to the chassis.
  24. If you have a friend that can join, have them bring some dynamite and perform a mercy killing?