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  1. Kuros Paladin

    Craftable Large Landing Pad (from tutorial)

    Recently found one of these on Desolo. They're still around, just very rare. While they don't function as a landing pad, you could probably drop one of the crafted ones on top of it.... I haven't tried moving one, either.
  2. Kuros Paladin

    Auto Death Gateway Bug

    I have this problem consistently on the gateway chamber next to my base. I cannot use the chamber anymore because of it. My understanding is that the "pillars" that are in place when unpowered are still there when powered, and your Astroneer collides with them and the game's resolution is to kill the Astroneer. Please, fix this. 😬
  3. Kuros Paladin

    Alot of dedicated server issues

    I, too, am noticing the following: Shuttle disappearing/appearing while travelling between planets Occasional terrain tool lockout, where 'E' will not deploy terrain tool after landing on surface 'C' and 'V' not available while in orbit. Forced to land on surface again, then launch again Gateway chamber deaths. Just walking across an activated gateway chamber kills your astroneer Satellite deaths. Arriving on the satellite via gateway engine occasionally kills your astroneer Exiting rovers sometimes sends vehicle flying into the distance Terrain modifications made by large drills graphically revert back when revisiting, then after a few moments correct themselves
  4. Kuros Paladin

    Road signs

    Sadly, customizable signs with text probably won't happen, since someone could write profanity. I am guessing this could impact the game's rating, which they want to keep at 'Everyone.'
  5. I miss the massive cave systems from EA, too. There was something fun about going down there and following them for as long and far as possible. Leaving a trail of "fingers" created by the terrain tool to point you back to the way you came. The new caves, while spectacular in appearance, are just TOO big and don't really guide you anywhere. It's no different than exploring the surface. As for being "too easy" with all the new tools, just make it a point to not use them. You aren't forced to use the "drill on a rover" technique. I can see why the game would be very boring if it was just "alright, here I am. Let's do this in 2 hours." Astroneer is self directed. And if you want to "finish" in 2 hours, then go for it.
  6. Kuros Paladin

    Help the ground ate my Zebra

    It is disappointing to lose an item like that, but zebra balls are uncommon and not that rare. Look for another and you'll probably fine one. They're on all the planets. You might even find one of the other variants.
  7. Another option I've found to "fix" this is to go near a gateway chamber and have that music loop start. Then leave the area and the "normal" music starts again.
  8. Kuros Paladin

    Ghost Astronaut?

    If you hover the mouse cursor over the Astroneer, does it show a name? Is it a Steam friend joining your game without your knowledge?
  9. Kuros Paladin

    Purple Gateway question

    Large rover, 8 RTGs on the rover, drive to each gateway chamber. Plug rover in.
  10. Kuros Paladin

    Used last Probe Scanner - Didn't interact with it

    Take a beacon with you when hunting for wabbits. I mean satellites. Drop the beacon at the satellite. Now you can find it later. You can drag them around with a winch, too. But, be prepared for a lot of recalcitrant behavior from the physics engine....
  11. Kuros Paladin

    Bring back the forests from the trailer!

    I keep forgetting to put up screenies of my gardens. Will try to do so tonight.
  12. You are not the only one. I have had this happen, too. Same Steam version. With normal research pods. Most annoyingly, it was the 12K+ ones from Atrox's core. Missed out on 24K+ bytes! Save/quite/reload did not fix it, either. Overall byte count did not increase until those two pods were complete, and I started another set of pods.
  13. Kuros Paladin

    Bring back the forests from the trailer!

    Dig up the red ones in caves on Atrox and a seed might drop. Take that/those seed(s) back to Sylva and plant it/them. The blue ones are on the surface of Atrox, and also occasionally drop seeds that you can re-plant. Seeds are different from the research samples that drop, and rarer. Re-planted spewflowers are docile, and will not attack. They don't have the beautiful "opening" animation seen in the trailer, though.
  14. Kuros Paladin

    add name BEACON

    I really want custom beacons, myself. I suspect, though, that customized text may not be an option due to the multi-player experience, which can then lead to ratings concerns. That is, someone decides to use profanity in a beacon name. But, I still want them!
  15. Now you just need a "NO SMOKING" sign....