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  1. Kuros Paladin

    vehicles sinks into ground when terrain is edited near it

    Question: What OS are you playing on? I've seen this happen to my friend who uses Windows 7. I have Windows 10. If he hosts, I see this happen. If I host, it does not happen.
  2. Kuros Paladin


    If you are referring to the suit unlock: Log out and restart the game. It should be there at restart.
  3. Kuros Paladin

    100% Steam achievements thread

    Yeah. I have a "little" museum of wrecks. However, once in a while one decides to fly off into orbit on its own when I load the save game.... I miss the Hubble, Kepler, Mariner 10, New Horizons, Sputnik and Voyager wrecks. The road is nearly complete. I can see the endpoint gateway chamber's beacon on the horizon, but I have a mountain to tunnel through before I get to it. It is not a quick process. It also doesn't really provide any value aside from if I do get lost, I just have to find that road and that will get me back home.
  4. Kuros Paladin


    Oh, I understand that. I guess I just don't know why it was decided to introduce uni-directional power cables. I mean, up until uni-directional cables were introduced, power cables were taking power back and forth.... This was a bit of a problem when the chevrons were still having animation issues because there were batteries on both sides of the uni-directional cables, and the animation on them would make any laser show envious. It seems as if the animation has been corrected.
  5. Kuros Paladin


    I never understood the uni-directional requirement of extenders and splitters. I use extenders to bring power from a large solar farm, but a small platform A has more functionality and less cost than a splitter. The splitter serves no real purpose due to its uni-directional distribution of power.
  6. Kuros Paladin

    100% Steam achievements thread

    I've also unlocked all achievements. However, I still have a LOT of my own achievements I want to accomplish (not asking for these in-game, just doing them. I'm not sure there is any way for the game to recognize these as accomplished). "A Road To Nowhere" A trans-planetary highway. A highway built ram-rod straight that follows the equator of Sylva and paved with asphalt (black terrain). I'm 3/4 around the planet at this moment. Tunneling through mountains and bridging over ravines. (I'm also creating a network of roads to connect my various bases on Sylva). NOTE: I also use the mid-brown terrain paint to create dirt roads that lead out to large deposits, but without tethers. "Habitats for Astroneers" A habitat, RTG, and landing pad on each planet and moon. (DONE) "Collector of the Things" Have at least one of each resource (raw, smelted, or processed), zebra ball, and triptych. "Academic" Have at least one of each large research. (Did this in ALPHA, not so sure I want to do it again). "Scrap Dog" Have at least one of each spacecraft wreck (vessels and satellites). And others.
  7. Kuros Paladin

    Beacons turn off on vehicle when exiting game

    +1 to this. I use beacons attached to medium storage on the platforms of my vehicle bays so that I can easily identify them from orbit. Unfortunately, they are turned off between saves! Also, beacons attached to auxiliary ports on vehicles also change color if you use Z/X on them. It is expected, but sometimes I am using Z/X to turn on/off generators, and the beacon will also cycle as I do so.
  8. Kuros Paladin

    sudden death

    There could be spiker plants under the terrain getting you. Are there any sound effects just before your Astroneer dies?
  9. Kuros Paladin

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    1 - First person camera mode. So when we go inside those tubular wrecks or tiny caves, our camera is no longer impossible to reorient. 2 - (PC) Be consistent with the use of ALT+Q/ALT+E and CTRL+Q/CTRL+E. Right now, the research chamber will respond to CTRL+Q when inactivate, but does NOT respond to it when running. 3 - Remove the ability to slot resources on the output nozzle of the smelting furnace or make the hit boxes for the input nozzles more responsive. With the large platform with ears that was unlocked at the start prior to, this was not much of an issue, because you could just drop resources on the side and the furnace would grab them. But now you are usually forced to put them directly on the nozzles in early game. More often than not you play a game trying to click the right location to drop off the resource and not brick your smelting furnace. 4 - Horns for ground vehicles. BEEP! BEEP! 5 - Parking/hand brakes for ground vehicles while inside them. Perhaps "Q?" 6 - Using the crane attached to a vehicle should not act as if though the vehicle is in use, disengaging the brakes. 7 - An honest to goodness "flat" terrain option. Just give me the face of one "cube," or the face of a 2x2x2 cube. It doesn't have to be perpendicular to gravity, just the mirror-smooth surface 8ou get from finding one of those faces. 8 - Option to disable auto save upon entering seat/habitat. This gets really disruptive in multiplayer games where multiple planets have been explored. 9 - Change shape of some resources. Sharing the shape for iron/copper/zinc/titanium/tungsten/aluminum and other shared shapes makes it difficult to distinguish for players with color visibility issues. 10 - Dedicated landing spots for shuttles, with occupied status indicators FROM ORBIT. So that we don't have to guess from orbit if we are going to land on a buggy or another shuttle.
  10. Unfortunately, it is an artifact of the terrain forming. Supposedly this will be fixed with Terrain 2.0, but your current save game will still exhibit this problem with Terrain 2.0. I have even had this happen on initiated games You can use the terrain tool to refill the area to prevent any items from falling in. I've noticed it seems to occur near resource deposits.
  11. If, while smelting a resource, you accidentally attach something to the "output" slot of the Smelting Furnace, then remove the item, whatever partial "nugget" of refined ore was there remains. The Smelter continues to work properly, however. It would help if you could make the output slot on the Smelter be "non-slottable."
  12. Kuros Paladin

    New Large Wrecks......where? Patch Notes had the following: Has anyone actually run across one of these, yet? I have only ever seen the same large wrecks as before.
  13. Kuros Paladin

    On-Suit Computer

    You mean like Arthur in Journeyman Project 2? :) I'd be OK with it, but I would also like the ability to control how chatty it is, or even disable it entirely.
  14. Kuros Paladin

    Map (GPS)

    A map or guidance system would be helpful, and certainly something that would be expected as standard gear for an explorer. A tip if you do get lost on the surface. Make your way to the equator, just move north or south until the band of stars are directly above you. Then pick a direction, west or east, (toward rising or setting stars) and keep going. You'll eventually find your home base, which is always very, very close to the equator. It could take an hour on rough terrain, but you will find it.
  15. Kuros Paladin

    [] [steam] Cannot get equipemnt dead avatar

    That's really going to stink up the place..... Perhaps use a winch on him to pull him out? Looks like you're very early in the game, though, so a winch may be a ways off.