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    Showcase Pedestal

    just some kind of base module that holds a single item in it's slots. the item held will be perfecty centered regardless of it's tier whether it be a zebra ball or a piece of astronium or those geometric tryptychs just meant to showcase stuff alternatively there could just be a super tiny platform printable from the backpack that has a single slot and nothing else
  2. Invictu5

    Canisters don't work.

    Canisters appear as "overflowing" when I craft them and they seem to be full of terrain, though I can't use them for terraforming or anything else, no hydrazine, no analyzing, no terraforming. Steps that lead up to this: 1: Crafted canisters 2: Put them on a truck 3: Drove off to a random mountain and shaved a giant chunk of terrain off 4: Basebuilding update live, deleted old save and made a new one 5: Crafted canisters for use in hydrazine stuff 6: Every time I craft canisters they don't work and appear exactly like the ones in the screenshot above help i cant even leave the planet
  3. Before, medium batteries on large storages would interact with the vehicle normally, now it seems that doesn't work, and the medium batteries only work if placed on the default slots instead of on a large storage.
  4. Invictu5


    Simple idea, what if we could rotate items we are currently holding? Basically a quality of life change since it's already possible, just troublesome to do.