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  1. attichicco


    I agree with you that it should be hard, but maybe, before satellites, a radio tower could be built, it will allow a device to point always at the direction of such tower (would make it easy to find your base without a map or the need of a satellite, so without showing the whole map to the player) it would require just some research and will prevent you from getting lost. Shouldn't be so expensive because with around 10k bytes of research you can already use a great way to find your home again (build a small constructor, then a medium constructor, then a small fuel condenser, then a vehicle builder and make a rocket, it will bring you to orbit, you will see the planet. Then you can just land back on your base finally knowing the right direction to your base and bring your rover back... it's not too expensive and also makes a base for you which is always nice (I experienced and tested this by myself and was the only way that i found, after a few hours spent going around, to finally find my base again... I also found out that i was on the opposite side of the planet xD) So a radio tower would be a great idea, also a satellite is a very good idea but it should be much harder and it should show you the entire map of the planet on which it's deployed.
  2. attichicco

    Medium Storage Module Interaction

    My bad, i confused the Hydrazine catalyzer with the Fuel Condenser, the hydrazine catalyzer doesn't work probably then.
  3. I guess GO are GB but, apart from that, i can't understand how it happened, so you turned down your brightness and the menu bugged out leading to a save-file corruption? or did just the whole game turn black and you had no idea of what you were clicking? The save-file must have corrupted by forcing the game to close. the brightness doesn't have those problems on my side... maybe a driver issue?
  4. attichicco

    Medium Storage Module Interaction

    the mineral extractor i didn't check. the hydrazine catalyzer does work for me. the smelter thing is intended, it happened multiple times with the smelter that if you didn't have enough space you ended up loosing materials, so they made it so it will smelt and place what it has smelted in the same place as where it took the ore from (slot 1 ore will be smelted and replaced with cooked version of it and so on...)
  5. attichicco

    Vehicle Recoginition

    2 things, first you posted this two times (I already asked a mod to delete one) and second, when the Vehicle builder thing can't build anything more on that vehicle it will just allow you to make another one instead of stopping there and do nothing, it's not a bug, you probably have 2 large storage on that shuttle and so you can't build anything more since you got all slots full, if you want to build an enclosed seat on a large storage you'll have to build it on another rocket and the move it manually, note 3 seats can't be moved manually
  6. attichicco - Steam - Power Cell Infinite power

    when on xbox you'll get your new large storages built with that update will finally conduct electricity and will work on large storages too, but still needs to be fixed
  7. attichicco

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    Have you posted them under the dedicated bug section?
  8. attichicco

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    @SES_joe So can anything be done for old already placed Large Storages?
  9. attichicco

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    I tested it, and it worked, great job but... can you put out an hot fix that will make old ones work too? new large storage transmit power but the ones built previously than wont transmit power... or at least make a way for us to dismantle those and build them back (with the new features)
  10. attichicco

    Bug with Trucks (+ Large Storage + Solar Panels)

    I can confirm that new large storage WILL transmit Power!!!! Problem is that old ones still don't... it's a shame but OK!
  11. attichicco

    Bug with Trucks (+ Large Storage + Solar Panels)

    IMPORTANT UPDATE, LINKED DOWN HERE AN ANSWER FROM A DEV! Under Patch ( 35 mins ago): Testing right now with new version, I'll keep you all updated!
  12. attichicco

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    Wait What? Fixed a bug that caused a full sediment processor to turn into Barad-dûr, resulting in the Eye of Sauron's gaze to follow your every move in your solar system.
  13. attichicco

    tether stuck in research vat

    that is wierd, i am not even sure you can place it in the research station, maybe you placed it on top of it... don't know how to help you since i am not on Xbox and i don't use controllers, but maybe with very fine adjustments to the pointing dot you may be able to move the tether, or you can disconnect the platform from all power connected things (like other platforms nearby) and it will allow you to move that platform (probably without the tether connected), Note, you can only research stuff that says Unknown, Research on it. Hope this helps
  14. attichicco - Steam - Laptop peripheral lockout

    i guess at this point i can't help unless you find what is causing this issue... on laptops keyboards are directly connected to the motherboard and are very hardly disconnected from it, may be a driver issue, but i don't have the knowledge to answer you correctly, for the specs, sorry i didn't notice since i was answering like 4 topics at the same time and was getting kind of bored for that limit on multiple posts, had to wait like 4 minutes to post this after i had already written it and i added that specs question without remembering it was written on the top