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  1. Can also concur. I have circumnavigated north/south direction. Placing the tethers at max distance, aprox. 5.5 running steps, once it is fully connected, it is about 4-8 second lag, dependant on machine specs i would gather, then slowly gets longer
  2. The popcorn seed floats after you plant it if you dig under.
  3. Ok then. If you ever want a good file to test with after the changes take place, if even possible, let me know and I will export whatever you want.
  4. So in just the spirit of exploring, i started to circumnavigate my planet, east-west wise and north-south wise. Took a while but got east-west wise done, no issues or slowness's that way. about 5 minutes into going north-south wise, south way first, I noticed it starting to lag every time I would place a tether. Each time after that it has become longer and longer every one I place continually. If I place a new set outside of that chain it places normally and if i do a break-off chain from an east-west tether it places fine. As soon as I try to link to the north-south one, it starts the lag again. I am at the point of 30 seconds of lag per place, so i do about 2 dozen in the path ahead, then come back and place the one, so it is only the 30 seconds. What files do you need/want from me to gather so you can see/replicate? Is there one broken link I will be looking for? (if possible to find)
  5. Me as well., I was the original host, but had one friend playing with me at the time. I was not falling through the map, I was seeming just outside the habitat by monstrously huge, wasn't able to move, though you could hear moving and see the animation. Would just be able to turn around and enter the habitat again and would return to "normal", as it was before I tried leaving.