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  1. billgus

    Double GC

    More common is a doubled vault.
  2. billgus

    Double GC

    I resumed an old save - from 1.0 no less. This is on Glacio. My base is around an activated GC. And now there is an unactivated GC at the same location but slightly lower.
  3. Ditto. Tethers act like there is nothing there. Walked into and and started bouncing - managed to get out. Went back in and tried to go sideways into a wall. Apparently succeeded and dropped to a lower cave - and died there. After respawning, I returned to the spot and found the effect had disappeared and the ground was solid.
  4. That is a high one. Get some forward speed and maybe you can achieve orbit. Barren, Tundra, and especially Radiated are all buggy for flattening and it seems to be a related issue. I assume I will be killed after every couple of hours of play.
  5. I found one in a cave below. This happened on Tundra too - but I found that one. When I returned to Barren, my Display Platform (now extra large -B) was missing. Bye!
  6. I had a similar issue. I started making Graphene. Knowing I needed 2, I rotated around, selected a graphite on a medium storage. When I clicked LMB, the Chem-Lab dinged and opened. It was only partly completed and locked-up. Now ... I start it and sit back for the completed object to be available to grab. I avoid doing any other actions.
  7. I put a vehicle-bay on a launch-pad I found. I had two Al-Alloy. I accidentally scrolled to menu and they popped off and dropped into the base of the VB. No way to get them back. (On stuff mounted on Large-platform, just pick up the platform.)
  8. So I found a tutorial style wrecked base on Barren. It was fairly close to my base, so I relocated. But when I added a Vehicle-bay and tried for a Large-shuttle, it was pink (hologram). Not sure yet - I need to try some clean-up. I did print a Large-rover.
  9. Delete 'little'. It appears that flatten starts doing strips that have gaps between them. My programming experience says it might be a math/calculation problem. And it is showing up on Barren as well as Radiated. And it did kill me once on Radiated in 0.10.x.
  10. So I unpacked a just printer medium storage and watched the animation. It finished with the little hop up and dropped back to the surface ... and kept going! Yes, I know, known bug. So I made another - lots of resin on Barren - unpacked in on unmodified terrain (the first time was on flattened ground) ... and it did it too! So I started making the winged large platforms (was -A now -B) and that was OK. But today, I forgot ... and a third one vanished core-ward. Sigh.
  11. I generally like the stretched progression. Coal deposits still make sense - they should yield carbon. And graphite (and diamond!) should be convertible to carbon too. Sulfur should be a rare ore too, in addition to a atmosphere extraction. That plus gold are the three elements that occur naturally outside compounds - at least on Terra/Earth. You are perpetuating the myth that steel needs adding carbon. Smelted iron ore yields low-grade steel - cast-able but not forge-able. Use oxygen (or air) to reduce the carbon to yield forge-able steel. Add more to get pure-iron (wought-iron). (I did some research after seeing all the MineCraft mods doing the same mistake.) The trading platform should not be a recycle center only. Cu & Al ore/metal should have a poor trade-in value. Rarer ore/metals should be better, but still not equal. I think the smelter should be changed to require clay and quartz. I spotted your cheating on the 1st thruster. It takes 3 firings to go between planets. You are using the emergency landing hack - you can land with no fuel (saw that in the wiki).
  12. In 0.9 I found the tool glitching a little on Barren when I neared to pole. In 1.10.2, it was glitchy on Tundra. (On course, Radiated is the bad one. In 0.9.2, it killed me once and tried a second time.)
  13. So I built the medium shuttle and started fueling it. I added a Large Storage. I tried the open seat and didn't get a launch menu. So time to research the closed/shuttle seat - in the Small-printer section. However, the small printer doesn't see it. I tried the Vehicle-bay and it could print either type of seat onto the shuttle. I printer an closed/shuttle seat. But no menu. I found I could remove the seat! So I tried all four positions - no menu.
  14. Steam-IBM-clone + So I was moving multiple research blobs back toward my base - piggy-back fashion. The camera was suffering from drift down, so I has the use right-hold & up to get it back to level. I moved one blob and when I right-press, the cursor was in the title bar (Astroneer does not go full-screen, just max-window). While various things can happen, this time the screen went back and the sound muted. After about a second, the sound came back and screen went white. After a couple of seconds, I taped ESCape to try to trigger a recovery. But it just crashed back to the desktop. Bugs: MS-windows is max-window instead of full-screen, camera drifts down, crashed to desktop. When I relaunched the game, it went back to my just visit to the Habitat - most crashes do an auto-save on the way down. Not this time. And when I was duplicating my work and back to carting blobs to the base, one dropped through the floor. Sigh.