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    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    I always value your feedback when I am reading the forums in different sections, but I gotta say, it is always the saltiest!
  2. I, too, have some concerns with rovers and how they steer, some of the physics, etc. They have been a difficult point in the game development process for a long period of time. Still, this is a game, and as an interested consumer of it, I don't think that this type of infuriated, foam-at-the-mouth, CAPS LOCK report will be effective. It also isn't very courteous. I see a lot of people on here who take the fact that they dislike a particular element of the game a little too seriously and that is more a reflection on them than the developers. I suggest the OP submit something a little more refined outlining what they think could be improved based on his/her opinion and leave that for the development process to consider. Not only will this be more effective, but also a little clearer, as the message attempted is clouded by the personal frustration. Traction. You want more? Less? Implemented in what way? In what circumstances does this thing that bothers you represent itself? If you wish to educate everyone on the dynamics of vehicle traction, go for it, or simply tell the developers clearly what you would like implemented in the game. Etc. OP: We all understand this element of the game is really and truly bothering you to the core - but no reason to call the developer who worked on it an idiot or lacking brains. I think maybe they had a different approach to what they were trying to accomplish than what you would have done if you were programming the game. A modicum of decorum sir/madam, please. ?
  3. On the other side of things.... I am not sure if you work directly for SES or not (I don't know the staff roster) but I know you moderate - and this is not the way you should speak to clients who support a company through development even if they are being unrealistic and angry. Flippant and arrogant responses make the company seem like they don't give a darn, and justifies the further anger. If you are the ( or a) face of the company here, you shouldn't sink to the level of the anger and petulance of the customers, if you can't reason with them, brush them off and ignore. Otherwise you just fuel the fire. A modicum of professionalism goes a long way.
  4. So save that concern and wait until launch, you are just being antagonistic now by being so hostile becasue your saves haven't been working. Mine either, it sucks, I hear you. Still, I read that they won't each update during EA, so I am not pissed off or feel like I am being screwed. You know, because this was clearly stated to me. I understand the game is almost at launch, but still isn't launched. Since you understand early access after all of your years of gaming, you know your expectations - just like your anger - are a little premature.
  5. But you If you expect things to work %100 on an early access game, well that is your fault. Not saying that you don't deserve frustration over wasting your time when updates break your stuff, but when you bought the game you should have understood this stuff happens all the time through the development process. Don't get me wrong, I have been so bothered by wasting time with the early access side of the game I have just not touched it in months - but man, it is in development. Things will break and fix and break again during this time. It is the way early access always is. Also, granted, sometimes the mods can be a little flippant, but after dealing with people angry-typing for hours about how a game in development isn't working properly (again, really no surprise) I understand that can get a little frustrating. And all the anger about save games, fundamental changes are being made, save games can't all be nursed. If you spend 100 hours on a base in a game that will change - again, that is your fault. Chances are it will break, and whether or not that pisses you off, you have been told about 1 million times about it. All the anger and derisive comments about how the game is broken should be cached until after release - it is a boom/bust process software development, and again it is difficult for everyone to understand this. If the game still breaks your save after launch, we should all write back then in the angry and entitled way we are doing now. Geesh. Just needed to vent that becasue of all the unprofessional engagement and seemingly clueless early-access purchasers I see whining on here. That is right, we all share blame here. Buying early access is essentially paying to be part part of the QA process. You are a customer, but your product was not in any way guaranteed to work until launch (check all the platform guidelines about this). It doesn't matter when we think things should have been fixed, the development process is theirs, not ours. We don't work there. Remember that. Wait until launch. If it is still the god-awful mess you are all screaming it is from behind your monitors, let them have it then. Now you just seem petulant. Tip of the hat to y'all. Have a good day!

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    Can anyone confirm, just because I won't bother playing right now if the bug is still persisting (until next update, of course) can you still fall through the ground randomly? Thanks, and good to see progress on the way to 1.0.

    Small Rover Stuck

    This happens to me frequently, even with the larger vehicles. Just get out and dig out the rock. The truck might bounce around, and you may have to drive it out of a small pothole, but it never fails. The suggestion of the inhibitor mod above is more elegant, certainly, but it isn't required by any means. I mean, this is actually something that could happen with a smaller vehicle on uncertain, rocky terrain - I never considered it a bug by any means. Just like many things in Astroneer, the solution is excavation. ?
  8. No problem, for me the sound goes back to normal if I restart the game. Hopefully that works for you too!
  9. +1 this happens to me, too. Sometimes in am matter of seconds. It really is most problematic when ramps are engineered to get to strange places and then rocks form in the middle of the ramp halfway p preventing you from moving past. I have fixed the same spot about 20 times. Maybe on altered land, no rocks regenerating? Plants, sure. You can drive through them anyway, but rocks don't just grow in a small amount of time. Not even in space!
  10. They specified this was a known issue in he update release notes along with a few other things, have a read over the notes here so there aren't any more surprises. ?
  11. Place the extenders one time somewhere, grab the cable to pull them out as if you are setting them up. This will make it go away for good. Just like with the terrain tool and tethers tutorial and all that, you have to actually do it once for it to disappear.
  12. BLEDHA

    The ground randomly divided

    Same here, see post and bug report submitted following the bug reporting guidelines here on the forum. I never use migrated saves - they are not even present on my PC when an update launches. Has happened to me 3 separate times.
  13. I have hit this bug twice myself, posted some photos and a bug report about a week ago. So yes, +1 for this bug. On a positive note, you found some astronium...
  14. Summary / Description: Driving along with my mobile mineral extractor / crane setup on two large rovers, and rover just fell into/through the ground. Hovered there in graphical nothingness after slight fall through immediate terrain (see images) for a while. Obviously it was stuck, when I got out I fell to the bottom of the cave and died. Took a small rover to the cave system underneath and the terrain had regenerated around the rover. I cut the rover out, allowing it to fall into the cave system. Had to engineer a big ramp to drive it back out. took a long time! When originally falling into the ground, it was over terrain not previously traversed, altered, or otherwise modified. See images for more information / different camera angles from when the rover fell through, prior to exiting the vehicle. Platform: Windows 10 Steam version: 7.0 Version / Build Number: 7.0 version. New save, no previous saves were even opened, all were deleted during 6.8 in preparation for the updates as I am aware of the policy here. Specifications: OS: Win 10 Build: 16299.371 CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 GPU: EVGA 1060 SC, 6GB RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 - 2133mhz Drive: Crucial BX100 500GB SSD
  15. BLEDHA

    Update 7.0 is out?!

    Is Xbox always really slower to update schedule? Just to be clear, the update is sent earlier to individuals who will seemingly provide some marketing for the game (hence the video by Z1) - the update (7.0) is actually still not live to anyone, even for us on PC.