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  1. @fireman1x Dude i know how to get out of the habitat. But im like stuck in the ground. Posted a video --> watch it if you dont believe
  2. Had this problem aswell. Think it really only happens in multiplayer! Its like you described it!
  3. Had this bug too!! Aswell iin multiplayer. Posted it :
  4. @don_den11 : did you play multiplayer? I had no problems in singleplayer with leaving the habitat. It always happens after i invite friends to join. I dont know but its a really nasty bug they should fix soon!
  5. Started new world happened again! Aswell Multiplayer !
  6. I was playing with my friends on a world yesterday and everything worked. Today i wanted to play again, but when i started the game, I couldnt leave the habitat. When i press "E" to leave... Im like INSIDE the Astroneer Model. Im playing the game on steam and yesterday, I dont had this bug. I think Im fallin in the ground and my body of the astroneer is inside the habitat and my legs are stuck in the ground. Pls fix Video: (I had to cut it cause of the size) AstroneerBugReportHabitatVid2.mp4