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  1. Have a beacon your able to place on a landing pad on another planet B go back to Planet A load up a rocket select destination on Planet B and launch and send an unmanned resource rocket to a landing pad on another planet. Allowing a second rocket to be manually flown to planet b and land with resources ready to go. Like an option on the buildable landing pad after the planet has been visited already. I dunno just an idea, I'm sure others suggested it but I see trailers have been added would still like to see the bugs worked out of the rovers , and a huge performance update for X1. But awesome job keep it up
  2. mumbles mumbles

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    While driving I can not operate thr drill as it messes up all the controls for driving. Getting in and out of the vehicle fixes the stuck problem, if I get in and notice its stuck or starting to slide in in out quick till it works again, I don't need to exit to main menu
  3. mumbles mumbles

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Xbox one version 1.4, unable to use rover controls and drill at same time, gas, drill, gas, steer, drill, coast n drill, gas and steering does not work when the drill is on. Tractor and medium rover so far. Sometimes the rover doesn't work when you get in it, just slides around
  4. mumbles mumbles

    Unable to install 1.0 from Windows Store

    I had to message support to find the download, burn it and install windows manually
  5. mumbles mumbles

    Unable to install 1.0 from Windows Store

    When I click update it says theres no updates, how do i update my build version?
  6. mumbles mumbles

    Resource HELP!!!

    Ya I see that still have only found one piece of copper tho.
  7. mumbles mumbles

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    Patch notes for release version?
  8. mumbles mumbles

    Xbox very laggy/ framerate

    I found a fresh install helps my lag majorly
  9. mumbles mumbles

    Xbox version Bugs so far

    No update for xbox one yet, ??
  10. mumbles mumbles

    Xbox version Bugs so far

    Coppers a bugger to find
  11. mumbles mumbles

    Xbox version Bugs so far

    Other then the few bugs I find it actually doesn't play horribly,
  12. mumbles mumbles

    Xbox version Bugs so far

    After reloading items cannot be removed from front of tractor, had a gen n organic, the organic burned up now nothing else can be placed there
  13. mumbles mumbles

    (XB1X)Tractor bug - Items cannot be removed

    Same gen n organic stuck to front, frig this isn't release ready yet, new game same old problems. I woulda preferred the old version with some bug fixes instead of new version with new bugs
  14. mumbles mumbles

    Xbox, RT Pick up and drop issue

    I found a fresh install helped the frame rate drastically, and with objects in hands use left trigger aim pick up with right then drop.
  15. mumbles mumbles

    1.0.3 is not a release version, it is a fiasco

    With the tractor, make sure your a short distance away when you dig or it sinks, if your close to it you can literally watch it sink but if your a short distance away you should be good, had this issue lastnight