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  1. Love it but OMG please fix the rovers, they slow down and stop still with the paver and drill active, the large rover, on xbox one. Please please please please please please. This bug has been around for sooo long now and it's really the only thing deterring me from playing for extended periods of time.
  2. Sounds ok, they need to work on performance, single player and multiplayer. When you build a base, a touch on the larger side, its starts getting painfully slow. It's better but not there quite yet. Good work tho guys
  3. And please remove the stupid get in vehicle save, the game freezes for like 10 15 secs while it saves every time I get in a vehicle, its soooooo slow. Just make regular saves, and multiples of them incase if corruption ect.
  4. havent heard anything, would kinda like to know what's going on
  5. I dont think this has anything to do with certification, they've always been about the same time since release, I just think there improvements weren't as good for the console, I could understand a day behind from cert but were now at 3, I just want info if it had gone to cert, are they just waiting for it to pass cert or is there something else up, and if they had an eta
  6. Console eta? 24th, well it's now the 26th? This actually sounds like it could make it playable again looking forward to trying it.
  7. Same problem, I just get her pointing straight down n let r rip
  8. How do we get the top hat did we reach the goal r what I havent heard me thing
  9. I noticed after playing a few days I went to desolo where I had a bunch of tethers already placed, so all the old tethers placed before the update emit a radiant light that looks quite beautiful, when any newly placed tethers only show the colors there supposed to be, like the tips colors have changed properly, but they dont actually emit any light. K so preupdate tethers emit light, newly placed ones dont. Xbox one s & xbox original Latest version Not a big deal but I was missing out on all the pretty colors
  10. Try reinstalling and starting a new game, I'm on a one s and it runs pretty smoothly now
  11. Hmmm, reloading the game seemed to fix the progress back to half, so three trys and I got the suit unlocked after it finally started to remember how many points I had my previous plays
  12. And progress resets every time ya load lol, what a joke, astronomers play schedule, is they release an update, n ya wait for the next update so its actually playable, I've unlocked this stupid suit 3 times over and it's not unlocked yet.
  13. Got half way to 2500, came back to finish today and all my progress is gone WTF, how am I supposed to unlock the suit in progress keeps resetting?
  14. So yay what 3ish years r something (earlyaccess ) I'm finally able to play, but again a new start with every update, how many updates have we had now? Wanna guess how many new games I've started? I got unlocked as far as glacio my last play, then after the update it ran like crap, should I just stop playing or play offline and stop updating it, cause I'm burnt out always having to start over for like literally 100th time